Game of Thrones: Season Five, Episode One: The Wars to Come

Just like last season, I thought the season five premiere of Game of Thrones deserved more than our famous One Line Review. Unlike last season’s premiere episode, the season five premiere was more subdued in nature and less like a premiere episode of Game of Thrones.

There was no action to speak of in the episode. Instead, the episode was a promise of things to come this season. The most obvious promise are “The Wars to Come.” Within this promise are other promises that may or may not unfold in season five.

dani targaryen with a dragon

Will she still be the Mother of Dragons?

We may or may not see Daenerys Targaryen become Mother of Dragons again or she never gains control of the dragons again. Personally, I think Jorah Mormont was correct when he told Daenerys in the season four premiere dragons can’t be tamed  “not even by their mother.” So, we may see the dragons come back, but not at the front of an Unsullied army.

Last season the Hound and Arya quickly became fan favorites. Indeed, they were an odd couple that made every minute they were in highlights of the episode. It looks like Tyrion and Varys will take their place as this season’s odd couple, but for different reasons. The two are on the path to meet Daenerys and, maybe, lead an army into King’s Landing. It’s highly doubtful, with only a few minutes dedicated to each storyline an episode, we will see it in season five.

stannis with a bad look on his face

The march is on.

The season premiere also promised Stannis Baratheon’s march onto Winterfell and reclaim the North. The episode has set up a clash somewhere between Baratheon and Targaryen. Again, there’s not enough time in the season to see a clash this season, but maybe next season. Or season seven?

The last promise made was at the beginning of the episode. Young Cersei demands a witch to tell her future. Cersei, needless to say, is not pleased with what she hears. However, fans may rejoice because there is the promise Cersei’s time in Westeros may be coming to an end. Will it happen this season? We can only hope.

The premiere felt more like an episode we would see later in the season not an episode to debut a new season. However, season five looks like it should be interesting and exciting as previous seasons.

What’s more interesting is this season, for the most part, won’t be based on the books. Basically, George R.R. Martin couldn’t write the next books quick enough to keep up with the series. Which means those who haven’t read the books, myself included, don’t have to hear friends and co-workers complain an episode or story arch “wasn’t in the book.”

Game of thrones iron thone

When the dust settles who will be left sitting on the throne?

Season five is all new territory.


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