Game of Thrones “Home”

Jon Snow awakens from death.

Promises were broken in “Home” and the promises of more intrigue down the road was revealed.

Promises, promises and more promises is all the Game of Thrones seems to be. The producers promised Jon Snow was dead. Well, that turned out to be a lie. A bad lie, too.

I cringed when I saw Kit Harrington’s name show  up in the credits. No, I don’t hate Kit Harrington, I don’t even know the man. It’s not that I didn’t want Jon Snow to return to the series, but his return is a cheat.

Sure, Game of Thrones has a history of raising the dead. A lot of Wildlings came back after being slaughtered on the beach in season five. Remember way back, Melisandre met a man in a cave who was brought back to life? 

However, bringing back Jon Snow changes the dynamic of the series. The White Walkers fuel their numbers by bringing the dead into their fold. The man in the cave was a one time thing. Now, the series can bring anybody back whenever it fits their needs or when fans demand it. If it sounds like I am saying the show runners caved into fans’  demands it’s because I am saying the show runners caved into fans’ demands. If they brought Jon Snow back why not bring back Khal Drogo?

All was not lost in “Home.” Finally, we’ve returned to Bran’s story line. Apparently, we didn’t see anything of Bran last season because George R.R. Martin hadn’t written anything about in the books. Personally, I call shenanigans. There’s enough talented writers on the staff to have continued the story. Now it feels like we’ve walked into the middle of things. Bran is at least a year older than the last time we saw him, but he looks five years older. There’s some elf looking character in the scene. It’s been so long I can’t even remember who it is.

Bran and guide look at the past
“Weren’t you in the Seventh Seal?” “Yes, I was.”

Things may get interesting with Bran, if we get more than thirty seconds with him. There was some interesting reveals. Hodor’s name isn’t really Hodor and he could talk. More interesting, Ned was a child and alive. I don’t know how this will play out or how they will work it into the series. I’m sure it will take all season to get to another reveal with Ned and Robert Baratheon. More promises.

The deus ex machina with Jon Snow aside, things have started getting interesting in the North. The rescue of Davos and the others by the Wildlings was expected, but pretty awesome. It didn’t feel cheap either. Plus, a giant smashing anybody into a wall is just a wicked kind of cool.

Ramsay Bolton took steps to take control of Winterfell. Killing Roose Bolton came as a shock. It was no secret to viewers that Ramsay Bolton wanted Winterfell and when the birth of Roose’s son was announced his fate was sealed.

Yes, I still think Ramsay is a replacement for Joffrey. No, I don’t think he will be king. Ramsay seems more than happy controlling the North. Ramsay simply fills the need for a vile character viewers love to hate. Game of Thrones have more than enough of those in the series, one more won’t hurt, right?

Things got interesting over on the Iron Islands. Moments after Balon Greyjoy tells Yara Greyjoy she can do what she wants with his troops when she’s ruler his brother, Euron Greyjoy, throws him off a bridge. Things should be heating up more in the North than in King’s Landing if Yara does move on Winterfell and the rest of the North, and if Sansa makes it to the Wall.  Again, more promises.

Tyrion Lannister drinks to dragons
“That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.”

When we do get more than a couple of seconds with Tyrion Lannister we get awesome performances from Peter Dinklage. None of these performances have been as good as his talking to the dragons. Dinklage managed to bring pain to his dialog as well as fear. It was the most convincing performances of the night.

I need to come to some inner peace when it comes to Cersei. Every week we’re going to see her bend people around her fingers and make them do her bidding whether they realize it or not. Maybe, that’s what the game of thrones is all about. It’s not about plots and ploys easily sidestepped. It’s about mediocre writing and keeping a character around much longer than they need to be.

Cersei and the Mountain
Come on. We all know it’s the Mountain behind her.

“Home” was all about promises. Broken promises and promises of some interesting things coming down the line. Can the series deliver? That remains to be seen.

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(The best thing about “Home”- Max von Sydow. )