InspiroBot – The Confused Inspirational AI

Artificial has unlimited potential. It could drive our cars, take over menial tasks in the workplace, or construct creative works. Of course, that’s when the technology has fully come into its own.

At this point, it’s limited to simpler, single goal oriented tasks like beating someone in a game or showing you content you might be interested in.  It’s also a time where someone can make something bizarre.

That’s where InspiroBot comes in. Someone created an artificial intelligence for the sole purpose of creating inspirational images. You know the kind that has a positive message in a pretty font on a calming image. This AI mimics that format with some unique results. Either the AI will get better the more people use it or the entire project is a goof. Our money is on being a goof.

Whether it’s still learning or a fun project, you can kill some of your productivity today.  Here’s some of the one’s we’ve generated.

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