Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Collection

doctor who 1 through 11 profiles

Not a bad collection of Doctor Who short stories. Worth picking up if you’re looking to fill the Tardis shaped void before next season.

In 2013, the British sci-fi TV show Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary.

One of the celebratory pieces was a series of Doctor Who short stories. There were eleven authors writing for the 11 different versions of the Doctor.

All 11 stories are entertaining and quick to read. Their pacing was spot on with the modern show. While they were all fun to read, some stories stood out among the crowd.

The stories for the third (“The Spear of Destiny” by Marcus Sedgwick), fourth (“The Roots of Evil” by Philip Reeve), seventh (“The Ripple Effect” by Malorie Blackman),eighth (“Spore” by Alex Scarrow) and tenth (“The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage” by Derek Landy) were the jewels in this collection.

Neil Gaiman and Derek Landy capture the mannerisms of the tenth and eleventh Doctor and their companions, Martha Jones and Amy Pond. Other writers could have captured the mannerisms as well as Landy and Gaiman, but I haven’t watched the old episodes so I can’t say for sure.

These stories will entertain any Who fan, especially if they’re chomping at the bit for the next season to start.

The ebooks and trade paperback are still available from major online book suppliers. So go ahead and add this collection of short stories to your library.

(Note: BBC re-released this anthology with an additional chapter for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. So if you were going to pick up the book, get that one instead of the 50th Anniversary edition.)

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