Astroburger – iZombie Review

Astroburger was one of the more entertaining episodes from this first season of iZombie.

While this episode didn’t break from the show’s formula, it made the case of the week more entertaining by having Liv experience a crazy person’s point of view.

The arguments with bags of spicy potato chips and coffee mugs was amusing, as were her hallucinations.

And just like other episodes, the case is wrapped in a bow and closed before the credits. Huzzah!

But we also had Liv’s story to deal with as well. Not Huzzah.

Last week, I was miffed the way Liv Moore’s character has developed (or not) and this episode didn’t address any of those concerns.

Nor was it supposed to. They have to leave something for the last two episodes. But Astroburger did move her story along with two new developments.  (Spoilers Ahoy!)

Remember two episodes ago where Liv and her then boyfriend tired, and failed, to kill Blaine?

Well, thanks to the chief of police, Blaine may have figured out she’s on to him which will not end well for Liv.

Then there’s Major, who cannot leave well enough alone, figures out that zombies are real and at the end of the episode, tells Liv that he’s going to kill them all.

That’s going to be an awkward conversation she tells him the truth. If she ever does.


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