Another Call of Duty? Or I’m All Dutied Out

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the days are longer, the birds are chirping and Activision is already pimping its newest Call of Duty title. The trailer looks brilliant. It’s everything gamers have come to expect from a Call of Duty trailer: explosions, gun fire, crazy moves, and a good soundtrack. Kevin Spacey is lending his immense talents to this edition. This game looks to be awesome, right?
I would agree with this statement except for one thing: It’s Call of Duty. We’ve been burned before when it comes to Call of Duty trailers. The trailers promise one thing, but the game delivers another thing. Plus, Sledgehammer Games is behind this one. Sledgehammer co-developed Modern Warfare 3.
The actual game play in MW 3 was short, however, the game seems to go on forever when the million and one cut scenes are added into the equation. Online play was beyond horrific. Why do they continually place lag comp in the game? Who asked for it? No one, that’s who. The weapons are unrealistic and all act the same. I would be fine with all the weapons acting the same if it was consistent. More than likely the people developing these games don’t have any field experience with weapons. So, naturally, an M-16 to them is going to be about the same gun as any other gun in the game. Sure, they could pick up a Jane’s manual, but that’s besides the point. I have a problem when this happens in Call of Duty:

I am calling you a liar if you say this has never happened to you or a friend. Then there is this problem with Call of Duty online:

call of duty mw 3 meme

Only in Call of Duty do you take a knife to a gun fight and win.

Now to be fair, maybe Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will move beyond modern weapons (I would say “tactics,” but there are no tactics in the games) and curving bullets will be intentionally put into the game. Maybe the weapons will be futuristic or, at least, a lot more advanced than we have today. Maybe it will be more Halo than anything else.

    However, I wouldn’t place an advanced order based on the trailer. It takes more than pretty pictures and flashing lights to make a great game. If that’s all that is being brought to the table, to paraphrase the Bard, it will be a game, “Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury/Signifying nothing.” 

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