Agents of Shield One Door Closes Review

This is clearly the episode we have been waiting for. New SHIELD taking on Real SHIELD. It places everyone in a state of confusion, but also starts to show Skye really begin to realize her abilities.

 Let’s start at the beginning. This episode brings you through some flashbacks to the day that SHIELD fell and New SHIELD gets its formation. Bobbie is sent to both save the people on the ship that is serving as the home base of New SHIELD as well as destroy it. They defy Fury’s orders and save the ship anyway to the displeasure of Hernandez. However, this leaves one big question – if he was so unwilling to defy Fury, why is he now willing to defy Fury’s final act in putting Coulson in charge?

Let’s flash forward. New SHIELD now decides to overtake Old SHIELD’s home base with the goal of stealing Fury’s toolbox. Mack places a device on Coulson’s car to get the location of the toolbox but in doing so is discovered. However, in the sense of drama that is this show it is too late to stop it. New SHIELD gases the base and comes in anyway. They find the toolbox but don’t know how to open it and try to convince Coulson to open it for them. He declines and May reenforced the point by helping him escap  e.ow Coulson is on the loose but the rest of Old SHIELD is captured – except Skye.

Skye is still at the retreat – which we discover is where Bruce Banner likes to chill out. While there, Skye begins to discover her abilities. However, the big news is she gets a visit from her new teleporting pal who offers to help her discover her powers. She declines until New SHIELD makes an unexpected trip to take her by force. Skye uses her power to escape Bobbie and her new team but then asks for help from her teleporting buddy.

So, to recap. New SHIELD has am unusable toolbox but no Skye. Old SHIELD is captured – sort of. Coulson is off on his own being Coulson. And Skye is learning to be an Inhuman. Yep, this was the episode we were waiting for.

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