Agents of SHIELD: Laws of Nature Review

Marvel Agents of Shield Review

Review of the Season 3 premiere of Agents of SHIELD.

Count me among the impressed at where this show is headed. It definitely got off to a slow crawl and a manilla bubble gum story, but at this point this show is clearly headed in the right direction.

It opens up with the team chasing down a new Inhuman created from the season finale’s dropping Terrigen crystals into the ocean and changing the ecosystem. What we learn from this is who our monster of the weeks will be this season – the rise of new Inhumans. After bringing this guy in to SHIELD, Daisy decides that she can not handle readjusting him by herself and goes to find Lincoln, who is still angry.

In the middle of all of this, Coulson is now in the middle of speaking with his new foe, Rosalind.  Together they discover neither of them are killing Inhumans.

Whilst being politely told to go away and never come back, Lincoln and Daisy find the new enemy of the Inhumans. They never really explain what or who he is, so I am just going to call him Sonic, because he looks like a mutant offspring of Sonic the Hedgehog and Dave Batista. Together they are able to ward him off for the time being, but let’s be honest he will be back. In doing so, they further isolate Lincoln and he disappears.

All in all, this is about all you need to know about the rest of the team, but Fitz is the real star of the show. He is morphing into a real catalyst for the show instead of the squeaky scientist type he started out as.   This episode he is looking for clues to the disappearance of Simmons and the mystery of the monolith. In doing so, he travels to Morocco and single handedly takes out an entire terrorist group to recover a relic.

Upon returning to headquarters, he discovers that the relic only knows the monolith as death, but we all see that that isn’t the case as Simmons is on the other side of the galaxy. My assumption is that her presence there means two things. She is an Inhuman as I believe the monolith is a portal for Inhumans to travel through. Also, her presence is the reason for Sonic’s presence as well.

That’s all I got for this and I give it a watchability ranking of a 4.5 out 5.


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