Gaming Blasts From The Past

Let’s not kid ourselves. We kill a lot of time at work looking at websites that have nothing to do with our jobs. Your boss may not like it, but by god, it breaks up the monotony.

Lord knows I have plenty of sites on my mental rolodex of URLs. ESPN, Huffington Post, The Chive, Google News, and whatever I find on Twitter or Google+ sap small amounts of time. From my experience, as long as I wasn’t spending hours on a site, my bosses or supervisors would look the other way. (Hard to chastise employees when Facebook is on their screen.) But they still didn’t like it.

Since we’re starting a new year, I wanted to share what I found to help you on your daily endeavors. This isn’t how to prioritize your time or make you more efficient at work. There are thousands of articles for that.

I want to help waste your time.

The Internet Archive uploaded hundreds of retro arcade games to their site. The games range from the 1970s to the early 90s. They’re 100% free and you can play in your browser. Relive the coin eating games from your youth or explore the archive and see just how far video games have come.

What’s that? Arcade games aren’t your thing? They also have a messload of free MS-Dos games available as well. 2600 to be specific.

I’ve only gone through a hand full of games, but I’ve found that FireFox works the best when playing any game. So go forth, waste time re-playing arcade games from your youth. Just don’t get caught or share the link with your boss. They might be cool.

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