The Top 21 Movies We Stop For

Everyone has those movies that when they see them on television, they just stop whatever they are doing and rewatch them. It doesn’t matter if it is the fifth time you have seen it or the hundredth time, you are going to stop.

Here is our list of movies that we always stop for:

star trek first contact captain picard
21) Star Trek First Contact: 
I am a trekkie and I grew up with The Next Generation series. This was the best one they ever did. Perhaps the reason I stop every time is just nostalgia, but watching Patrick Stewart’s badass moment declaring everyone go and kill them some Borg is worth the rewatch every time. -Andy

jay and silent bob strike back and look stumped

20) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: 
Let’s face it: this movie is stupid. Most of the film was Jay making up words and searching for a reason to be a creep. However, I love watching that little creep. It is just the perfect amount of slapstick comedy that I enjoy with Kevin Smith acknowledging it at every turn. -Andy

jackie chan, drunk, in legend of drunken master

19) Legend  of Drunken Master: Of all the kung fu movies, this one doesn’t sniff the top 10. It’s a typical Jackie Chan flick, but don’t hold that against it. The fight scenes are fantastic. Chan brings back drunken boxing which makes the fights as fun as they are entertaining. -Mike

sean connery in league of extraordinary gentlemen

18) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Yes, this movie was universally lambasted. Yes, movie legend has it this movie was responsible for Sean Connery retiring from acting, but late at night when I can’t find anything to watch I’ll pop the Blu Ray in, turn my brain off, and enjoy some action. -Jon

kids in empire records

17) Empire Records: This was the perfect movie for me in my teenage years. It had everything for me. It followed people doing the job I wanted. It had the quintessential example of what dating in high school was for me (I was awkward and telling a girl I had emotions was terrifying to me). Plus, it had Liv Tyler in an amazingly short skirt. Every time I see it on, I have to stop and I don’t ever foresee that changing. -Andy

red dawn

16) Red Dawn (1984): Some may say this movie is dated, and it may be, but it’s permanently on my Netflix queue (or until Netflix loses the streaming rights). It may just be nostalgia, but I really enjoy the story of the brothers bonding and blowing up Russians never hurts either. All around, it’s a great movie. -Jon

fear and loathing in las vegas

15) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Based on the book by Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing is full of one liners and strange, strange scenes. It’s a drug-fueled ride through Sin City that turns the weirdness level up to 11. That’s all I need to keep checking in on this flick. -Mike

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