The Inhumans Are Acting Inhumanely Against Audiences

Is The Inhumans as bad as the reviews of the IMAX premiere made it out to be?

Let’s count the many crimes The Inhumans is guilty of committing against audiencekind.

  • NASA  has sent six manned missions to the moon, 12 Americans have walked on its surface, and countless probes and satellites have scoured the surface. Yet, no one has ever noticed an invisible wall cutting off a large portion of the surface.
Gorgon talks to surfer dude in The Inhumans

Conveniently met surfer dudes are also soldiers. Convenient.

  • Too many hoof jokes after a scientists see a hoof crushing their moon rover.
  • Maximus only needed one speech to turn the population of Attilan against the royal family. Was the royal family treating the population so horribly it took one bad speech to stage a coupe?
  • Unpronounceable names and just plain bad names. Attilan? I didn’t know this series was set in Narnia.
Black Bolt talks to Maximus

Black Bolt can only speak through nipple manipulation.

  • In his coupe, Maximus didn’t take out the teleporting dog first. The dog he says he’s known all his life. Let me state this again: Teleporting dog.
  • Queen Medusa’s head is partially shaved in one scene. In the next scene she’s Sinead O’Connor clean.

Every one forgets about the teleporting dog, Lock Jaw.

  • The Inhumans come from a technological advanced society, a society that has been monitoring Earth for decades. Yet, Black Bolt is visibly surprised about seeing his first smart phone.
  • Medusa knows how to use a gun, knows about cars, and tracking systems, but she doesn’t know what an ATM is or how to use one. Yes, we get several seconds of her yelling at a machine.
  • How many clothing stores, high end or not, have armed guards dressed like federal agents?
Triton running through the jungle

A kingdom was overthrown in the first five minutes, but we still don’t know what happened to these two.

  • I’ve never been to Oahu, but I’ve been to other big cities and there’s not a downtown empty during the day.
  • Police manage to block off several city streets in the matter of moments. Bravo for the police, but in what world does shoplifting call for closing down streets in a busy tourist city? It makes you wonder what’s the penalty for littering?
  • Police brutality
  • Marijuana  farmers call their crop cute names used by college frat boys.
Karnak tied up

Once he was an Inhuman now he’s grows pot on Green Acres.

  • Special FX are anything but special. It’s obvious actors are talking to nothing and Lockjaw was added in later.
  • Wasting the talents of Anson Mount and Ken Leung. It also seems Iwan Rheon and Isabelle Cornish forgot how to act.
  • Too many storylines going on at the same time.

This list doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of how insulting The Inhumans is to the audience. Do you remember the series The Neighbors? Everything was a joke about how the aliens didn’t know what Earth things were or how to use them. It’s the same shtick used in the Coneheads movie. It’s old, it’s tired, and it’s not good television.

Some critics have compared The Inhumans to Game of Thrones simply because Iwan Rheon was on Thrones. The Inhumans is in no way comparable to Game of Thrones. It’s not Game of Thrones set in space. Game of Thrones built its betrayals and subterfuge up gradually over episodes and seasons. Everything is in question from one episode to the next.

Once and usurper always a usurper

The Inhumans on the other hand is as subtle as rock through a window. Everything is easily done. The Genetic Counsel is manipulated into the same room together by the old “I invited you? I thought you invited me” ploy. A needless ploy because only a few scenes before Maximus ordered them all together. We never know exactly how Maximus turned so many of the Inhumans against the royal family. One scene Maximus is only a “human”, the next scene he’s sending Inhumans to kill Black Bolt. Every one accepts him as the new king. There is no skill and no depth to the series. Marvel has had some stinkers, but The Inhumans takes the cake. It is simply one of the worst series on television. It can only be a television miracle The Inhumans is still on the air.

There are a couple bright spots to series. First, Lockjaw is pretty cool. Second, the Hawaiian scenery is awesome.

Lock Jaw, Crystal, and Karnak make a run for it

Because we can never have enough Lock Jaw

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