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T.S. Elliot wrote the world will end not with a bang but with a whimper. For much of its history, whether in Things to Come (1936) or Netflix’s recent How it Ends, Hollywood has depicted the end not as a whimper but as a bang. Elliot would be proud of Reed Morano’s I Think We’re Alone Now.

I Think We’re Alone Now, Morano’s second full length movie as a director, is an apocalyptic movie without the Apocalypse. There are no groups of survivors fighting zombies or marauders roaming the wasteland in cobbled together vehicles fighting for oil. Morano isn’t interested in any of these things. When Del (Peter Dinklage) is asked what may have caused the death of most of Earth’s population he answers “Who cares?” Morano for one does not care.

I Think We’re Alone Now is more about isolation, loneliness, and learning to accept others than any unnamed exterior event. The end result is more important than the events leading up to Del’s isolation from the rest of the world. Del, and the viewer, assumes he’s the last person on earth. His days consist of cleaning houses, searching for batteries, burying the dead, fishing, and keeping the library in working order.

Del’s world is ordered and tidy. It may seem like he could on this way until his final days. However, Del’s finely crafted charade starts to crumble when Grace (Elle Fanning) literally crashes into his life. Grace is an extrovert of chaotic proportions compared to Del’s introvert mentality. His strong man facade breaks down the more Grace is around.

Del wants it to seem he was alone but not lonely. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Del was alone, isolated, even before the unnamed event occurred. Grace asks him where he was when everyone died. He was sleeping while she was “with a boy.” Del had nothing to lose while Grace had everything to lose.

Just when you have become comfortable with the idea of a movie about the end of the world having more to do with loneliness and learning to trust someone the film sets things on its head. Grace’s “parents”, Patrick and Violet, (Paul Giamatti, Charlotte Gainsbororgh) arrive unannounced at Del’s house. There’s no explanation how Grace’s “parents” found her. There’s also no reason why it should be explained. It’s enough just to know they found her.

Del feels betrayed Grace didn’t tell her she had parents or even that there were other people left in the world. There’s more to these parents than meets the eye. We know what happened to her real parents. Her real parents died along with thousands of other people. Grace, pleading with Del to let her stay, says “They paired me up” with them. Even more odd Patrick talks to Del about the great things “top surgeons are doing” doing in California.

The dystopian world Patrick is talking about wipes emotions from people. In Patrick’s perfect California town people don’t remember the past nor do they remember the pain of losing family and friends. They have no emotions. People are jogging, playing, and gardening. Things are bright and shiny compared to the overcast skies of Del’s town. The catch is they don’t feel a thing. It’s more of a sham than Del wanting to be alone.

I Think We’re Alone Now was a small movie in 2018. The cast consists of four people and a handful of extras. Yet with powerful performances by Dinklage, Fanning, Giamatti, and Gainsbororgh it feels like a big movie. If  you’re looking for explosions and end of the world madness check out Mad Max: Fury Road. You won’t find those things in I Think We’re Alone Now. What you will find is a movie about loss, love, grief, and two finding themselves at the end of the world.



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The Horror of Suspiria Is Now on Blu-Ray https://www.amindonfire.com/suspiria-remake-blu-ray/ Fri, 15 Feb 2019 01:57:14 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9849 Can't wait for Amazon to stream Suspiria for free on Prime? No worries. The movie has recently been released on Blu-ray.

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I live in a mid-size city. There’s a university located here with a football team that has seen better days. Five minutes away is a major government facility with thousands of employees. There’s five movie theaters and two more about a thirty minute drive from the center of downtown. With all this you would think there would be a market for movies without superheroes, robots turning into VWs, or fish men. Unfortunately, if a movie doesn’t have a budget in the high hundreds of millions of dollars it’s not going to show in my mid-size city. Such is the case with Suspiria. It never played here. Fortunately for those of us left out of being able to see it in a theater Suspiria is now available on Blu-ray.

Other reviews are inevitably going to compare Luca Guadagino’s (Call Me By Your Name) remake to Dario Argento’s original 1977 movie. Reviewers may even tell you to watch the original before you see the remake. I’m here to tell you you don’t have to see the original Suspiria to enjoy, or even dislike, the remake.

Patricia acting crazy in Suspiria

Usually watching Dakota Johnson in anything is about as interesting as watching paint peel off a wall. It’s difficult to tell when she’s happy, sad, or angry. If you’ve had the displeasure of watching any of the Fifty Shades movies you will know it’s difficult to even tell when she’s excited or turned on. It’s without a doubt her range as actress is very limited. However, when your parents are Don Johnson and Melanie Griffin you get a few more breaks other actors may not get.

Suspiria hinges on Johnson’s Susie Bannion. Susie is an Amish girl who has run away from an abusive home to live her dream as a dancer in the famous Madame Markos dance studio in Berlin. Johnson shows as much excitement at being accepted into the school as she does at the realization she is becoming Mater Suspiriorum, the Mother of Sighs. Being turned into a witch without any qualms is creepy enough, but watching your teachers being blown apart by Death with no more emotion than one would have paying monthly bills is even creepier.

The supporting witches in Suspiria

Fortunately for Suspiria and the viewer Johnson is surrounded by a great cast and great director. Tilda Swinton (We Need to Talk About Kevin) plays not one role in the movie but three distinct roles. As Madame Blanc she grooms Susie for the forthcoming feeding to Madame Markos. Swinton plays the role as a caring mother figure who is preparing Susie for her inevitable death. Swinton is unrecognizable as Madame Markos, the mad witch who needs to feed from Susie. However, it’s as Dr. Klemperer, a man, where Swinton excels.

Dr. Klemperer, a psychologist, is sucked into the madness at the dance academy by Patricia, a student at the academy. Patricia spells out everything that is going on in the school at the beginning of the movie. Klemperer isn’t a believer in Patricia’s crazy ramblings, but the viewer is told every crazy thing that will happen during the movie.

Tilda Swinton as Dr. Klemperer in Suspiria

However, Klemperer becomes a believer. When he does become a believer he enlists the help of Sara (Mia Goth, A Cure for Wellness) to find the missing Patricia. It’s at this point Klemperer reveals to Sara and the viewer the story of the Three Mothers and the diabolical plans at the academy. It’s the basis of the rest of the film.

Suspiria may not be for everyone and not for all horror movie fans. It’s slow and at times drags its feet before making a point. We get plenty of scenes of students practicing a famous piece originally choreographed by Madame Blanc. It’s a snooze fest until the dance is used to literally twist and break Olga, a dancer who wants to leave the academy, into a pretzel.

The entire plot of Suspiria revealed in one journal entry

The Three Mothers

It’s no secret the dance academy is a coven of witches using the dancers for their bodies and souls. We’re told as much from the start of the movie. Again, we get a lot of dance instructions and some of the witches act very strange. In one scene two witches hypnotize detectives looking into Patricia’s disappearance. The witches play and tease the detectives nether regions.

In one particular scene a vote is held for who will lead the witches. The “election” is won by Madame Markos. It’s almost forgotten about until later in the movie when Madame Markos wants to summon the Mother of Sighs through Susie. Susie becomes a pawn between the two witches until she accepts her fate and becomes one of the Three Mothers. She then summons death who rips apart the witches and dancers who sided with Markos in the vote.

Overall, Suspiria is worth your time to watch. Like many movies it has its high and lows. If you like a mix of psychological, supernatural, and gory horror movies then you’ll like Suspiria. However, the slow pace of the movie may turn off fans. Suspiria is an Amazon Studios movie. So, if you’re on the fence wait until it starts streaming on Amazon Prime for free.

Dakota Johnson shows off her vagina chest in Suspiria

Yes, she has a vagina chest.

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The Directors: The Films Of David Fincher Part 3 https://www.amindonfire.com/the-directors-the-films-of-david-fincher-part-3/ Wed, 06 Feb 2019 01:50:45 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9823 Finally. Part 3 of our 3 part look at the movies of David Fincher.

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With season two of David Fincher’s Mindhunter right around the corner it’s time we got back to our review of David Fincher’s filmography. Please enjoy Part III of our director series on David Fincher.


Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was received with some criticism from fans of Niels Arden Oplev’s original Swedish version. As often in the case of a foreign movie remade by Hollywood critics complained there was no reason for a remake and Hollywood could never do justice to the original movie. Even the director of the Swedish version got in on the complaints. Fincher’s adaptation of the novel proved all the critics wrong.

Opening credit shot of David Fincher's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Across the board the acting in Dragon Tattoo is top notch. Fincher always manages to get performances from actors other directors may not be able to get. The only criticism of the movie is how Mikael (Daniel Craig) and Lisbeth (Rooney Mara) discover the true identity of the killer. In the Swedish version photos of Martin Vanger wearing the same sweater are used to link him to the murders. In Fincher’s version the photos have remained but Vanger (Stellan Skarsgard) is now wearing a prep school jacket.

Lisbeth and Mikael search for a killer in David Fincher's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Whether it was a sweater or a jacket the discovery of the killer’s identity is a cheat. Ninety percent of the movie was well plotted with a real murder mystery at the center of the story. It’s all blown with the final scenes of Vanger torturing Mikael and Salander killing Vanger in a car-motorcycle chase. It’s a typical ending for a movie that was otherwise not typical. As with Gone Girl Fincher was working from the source novel. Can the director be blamed for how bad the novel was written?

Lisbeth doing research in David Fincher's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


David Fincher has made a few books into movies. Some have failed like Gone Girl and others have been near hits like Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. When the source material is from author Chuck Palahniuk the results are spectacular.

Brad Pitt in David Fincher's Fight CLub

Palahniuk is not your typical author. His prose can be jaunting and sometimes scattered. He challenges his readers to read between the lines and fill in the gaps left intentionally for readers to find. He’s not a safe author like Gillian Flynn or Stieg Larrson. A writer like Palahniuk deserved a director like Fincher to bring the madness of Fight Club to the big screen.

Final scene in David Fincher's Fight Club

Fight Club was in danger of becoming a parody of itself. A box office bomb upon release it became a hit on DVD. There was a time when everyone was telling people the first rule of Fight Club or saying ” I am Jack’s (add your own thing here).” Now twenty years later away and a million miles away from the initial hoopla Fight Club can take its place as one of Fincher’s best movies.


John Doe leading Mills and Somersett in David Fincher's Seven

Two detectives, complete opposites of each other, are partnered together to catch a serial killer terrorizing a city. It sounds like a lot of movies that have come out since Seven‘s 1995 original release. Except in the hands of David Fincher the stereotypical buddy cop movie is turned on its head and the result is a classic, neo-noir crime thriller countless of movies have tried to mimic.

Seven is as dark a movie as they come. Set not only in a city with no name, but a city where the sun never shines and it’s constantly raining. The city’s constant bad weather mirrors the dark deeds going on in the movie. The darker the deed the harder it rains. The detectives are caught in a down pour during the discovery and investigation of the Gluttony victim. In calmer scenes, like dinner at the Mills’s apartment, a mere drizzle coats the windows. Interestingly enough the rain starts to lift as the movie draws to a close. By the time Mills and Somerset reach the outside of the city with John Doe it’s practically a beautiful summer day. Perhaps a new day has dawned in the city.

What's in the box? David FIncher Seven


Some people may disagree with the opinion that Zodiac is Fincher’s best movie to date. It doesn’t have the fable like feel Benjamin Button has nor the run time. It’s not an edge of your seat action movie like Panic Room. Unlike movies like Dragon Tattoo and a host of other who dunnit movies there’s no cheap “ah-ha” moment. Neither David Toschi (Mark Ruffalo) or William Armstrong (Anthony Edwards) stumble across a clue they missed earlier in the movie that ultimately solves the case.

Mark Ruffalo in David FIncher's Zodiac

Zodiac has no clean ending. There is no happy ending before the credits roll. We are only told the killings stopped after Arthur Leigh Allen, played by the great character actor John Carroll Lynch (Fargo, The Founder) died. It’s not the ending fans of this type of movie have come to expect. The movie is not wrapped up with a bow on the top. As an audience we have been trained to want to see the killer or killers caught and punished.

No one except for the people sucked into the Zodiac investigation is punished. Punish may be too strong of a word. However, no one escapes unscathed. Even Robert Graysmith (Jake Gyllenhaal) whose book the movie is based on is affected by the investigation.

Is this the face of the Zodiac Killer? No, it's John Carrol Lynch in David Fincher's Zodiac

At times Zodiac feels like a documentary. It’s logical in its progression from the first memorable scene to the end credits. Logical, but not boring. There are enough twists and turns to keep the audience engaged. It’s the same documentary feel coursing through Mindhunter. In fact, Zodiac can be seen as a spiritual predecessor to Mindhunter.

Trying to break the code in David Fincher's Seven


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Shout Factory Releases Saturday The 14th On Blu Ray https://www.amindonfire.com/shout-factory-releases-saturday-the-14th-on-blu-ray/ Wed, 23 Jan 2019 03:15:19 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9800 The low budget 80's classic Saturday the 14th was finally released on Blu-ray by Scream Factory. We tore into the disc to see what it was all about.

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Physical Media vs. Streaming

It’s no secret, we like our physical media. Blu-ray and DVD sales have taken a hit as more people sign on for various streaming services. There is nothing wrong with streaming services like Netflix. We love Netflix. You can’t argue, even after the recent price increase, Netflix’s isn’t an incredible value.

Streaming is great, but it has its limitations. The biggest limitation is if the movie you want to watch isn’t available on any streaming service. Fine, you say, I’ll watch something else. Of course, this is an option. But if you’re in the mood to watch a particular movie than that’s the movie you should be watching. You could be watching that particular movie right now if you had it on Blu-ray or DVD.

Let’s say the movie you want to watch is streaming on a service. Hey, that’s great. Press play, sit back, and watch. Odds are if it’s a recent movie the stream quality will be good. Older movies don’t always fare as well as newer releases. Often there’s no time or care given to the movie before is uploaded for streaming. It’s no better than watching it on video tape. Case in point: Saturday the 14th.

Saturday the 14th

For a long time if you could find a copy of Saturday the 14th it was on video tape. It was possible to find it on DVD, but the video quality wasn’t much better than a video tape. Scream Factory, Shout Factory’s horror division, has seen fit to remedy this problem with its recent Blu-ray release. It’s about time too.

The Movie:

For the uninitiated, Saturday the 14th is a low-budget, comedy, horror movie about a family who inherits a cursed house from a dead uncle. Richard Benjamin (Westworld) plays the clueless father. Paula Prentiss, who has recently been in the Netflix Original I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, is the mother who is being turned into a vampire.

Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss in Saturday the 14th

Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent, Arrested Development), in an early role, is Waldemar. Waldemar, a hundreds of year old vampire, and his wife Yolanda are trying to find the Book of Evil before Van Helsing (Severn Darden). Hilarity ensues after Billy, the son, opens the Book of Evil. Alright, hilarity may be a strong word.

Don’t get too excited. These monsters won’t send chills down anyone’s spine. These beasts and monsters are the rubber and foam kind low budget movies like the Cormans make are famous for. Except the foam and rubber monsters work wonderfully in this campy movie.

Jeffrey Tambor as a vampire in Saturday the 14th

To be sure, Saturday the 14th is a campy movie. The special effects are typical 80’s special effects. Some of the situations are cheesy and more than one line in the movie is more than corny. It’s a fun movie because of the camp and cheese not in spite of it. Saturday the 14th can even be called a family movie.

The Packaging:

The packaging is nothing special. It’s your basic blue case with insert art, but the inside with the various monsters from the movie is a pretty nice touch.

Special Features:

The special features on the disc are bare bones. It’s to be expected. The market for an 80’s comedy, horror movie is small. Any new special features would cost money which in turn would drive up the price of the disc. There would be no guarantee there would be a return on the investment.

Inside cover of Saturday the 14th

The interview with producer Julie Corman is the only new special feature. It’s a short interview about the making of the movie. The most interesting thing we learn is Paula Prentiss refused to wear fangs. A lack of fangs actually fits quite well into the low budget, corny movie’s over all feel.

Final Verdict:

Saturday the 14th is worth the price of purchase. It may not have the special features we would expect from a boutique company like Shout Factory, but having a quality print of the movie makes up for everything this Blu-ray lacks. Scream Factory did a good job restoring the movie to an HD quality viewing experience. Some scenes degrade back to a grainy, VHS quality, but overall the picture is crystal clear.

Crytpic writing in Saturday the 14th


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The Mid Season Nine Walking Dead Review and Wrap Up https://www.amindonfire.com/mid-season-nine-walking-dead-review-wrap-up/ Sun, 20 Jan 2019 17:40:35 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9761 Season Nine of the Walking Dead returns in February. So we had to see how bad the rot in AMC's once powerful juggernaut has gotten. Boy, does it stink.

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Cliched, uninspiring, forced, and boring are only a few of the adjectives that come to mind to describe season nine of The Walking Dead. We left last season with The Worst Lead Ever Rick Grimes initiating his Happy New World and Michonne, Daryl, and Maggie plotting in the shadows to kill Negan. Flash forward to season nine and a year and half later in Walking Dead time and not much really has happened to convince us The Walking Dead is on the upward swing to better television.

We’re introduced to a random kid who quickly becomes zombie food. While everyone on screen was torn apart by his death the result is nothing more than another flat moment in a long line of flat moments. Who was this kid and why should the viewer care about someone introduced only a scene before his death?

Walking Dead season nine doctor gets training

With hard work, dedication, and a zombie apocalypse you too can be a doctor. (No practical training needed)

The real reason behind killing off an unknown random character was to force Maggie into killing Gregory. Honestly, he should have been killed off a lot sooner. Gregory’s only purpose in the series was to spark conflict and turn the Hilltop against Maggie. After two seasons it had grown stale and played out. It was about time the series cut dead weight before Negan returns in full bloom to cause more boring Negan chaos.

Somewhere in the past year and half a rift occurred between all three communities. Was it the ferry project Aaron kept alluding to on his walks with Jesus? Or was it something else? Based on the reaction Michonne received from just about everyone at the Hilltop it had to be something more than just a ferry. If it was the ferry issue than it was important enough to mention a couple of times only to be forgotten about. However, the first half of the season is pretty bare bones on details.

Lauren Cohan wanted a pay raise for season nine of the Walking Dead. And for her crimes showrunners wrote her off the show like she was never in the series.

Lauren Cohan wanted a pay raise and for her crimes showrunners wrote her off the show like she had never been on the series.

The rift between the communities and how they come back together should have been season nine’s main focus. It was an opportunity to move the story forward in a different direction. We’ve seen plenty of “the gang is in trouble and now fights to save what they fought to establish” story lines. Imagine the story moving towards the goals it had set out to achieve at the end of season eight. Instead, we’re treated to a lot of sappy, sweet voice overs reminding us yet again what everyone is fighting for in the zombie apocalypse. We know what the gang is fighting for and reminding us every episode does not make for good or even entertaining television.

Showrunners have pulled a lot of ridiculous stunts on its viewers during its eight and a half season run. The most famous stunt was letting everyone think Glenn was dead while he was actually hiding underneath a dumpster. How can we ever forget Carl’s off screen zombie bite? But the biggest, cheese dick move The Walking Dead showrunners have pulled to date is Andrew Lincoln’s non-departure from The Walking Dead?

Super Rick in The Walking Dead Season Nine

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Super Rick! And not even a steel rod straight through the stomach can stop him.

Remember at the beginning of 2018 and during the SDCC it was announced Andrew Lincoln was leaving the show? To be fair, showrunners did not exactly say Rick Grimes was going to be killed off. However, they did not say he wasn’t going to be killed off either. They just let everyone believe whatever they wanted to believe. Even Andrew Lincoln got in on the lie when he told media outlets he was leaving the show to be with his family.

Well, Rick didn’t die. Rick not only survives a piece of steel rebar straight through his gut he also survives an explosion. We’re not talking a little explosion. We’re talking an explosion big enough and powerful enough to take down a bridge. It wouldn’t serve AMC’s bottom life if Rick Grimes was completely off the series or even out of the zombie universe they’re tying to create, but what the network is really saying is Rick Grimes is indestructible.

Angry Michonne being angry in season nine of the Walking Dead

Angrier Michonne does not mean a better Michonne, but it does mean a Michonne that gets on the viewers last nerve.

The void left by Rick’s departure is going to be a difficult obstacle for the series to hurdle. With Rick gone other characters have to step up to fill the void. Unfortunately, an angry Michonne, a thinner Eugene, and a one-eyed Gabriel are not enough to fill the Rick void. Not even making Jesus a Kung Fu master when he’s never been a Kung Fu master only to kill him off helps.

Introducing new characters was one attempt to fill the void. New characters have helped in the past. Season three’s introduction of Sasha and Tyreese made viewers almost forget the underwhelming season two. Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita had the viewers hooked the moment they were introduced into the series. For better or worse we would not be at the point in the series if it weren’t for all the new characters introduced at the beginning of the Alexandria saga.

Recycled characters introduced in Season Nine of the Walking Dead

Meet the new kids on the block. You’ve seen them before at various times during Walking Dead’s nine seasons.

However, the new characters introduced into the series are pale imitations of characters we’ve already seen throughout the series. Writers and showrunners are now recycling characters and rehashing drama we’ve seen before except this time with a Michonne who forgets she was once in the same spot as the newcomers.

These characters and this story cannot propel the story any farther than it has already gone. For eight and half seasons the majority of the story has been focused on Rick. The other characters have been satellites revolving around Rick. Now it’s the writers task to have the remaining characters step up to lead the series. So far it’s a task they are failing at.

Dan Fogler in Season Nine of The Walking Dead

Dan Fogler stopped looking for Fantastic Beasts and found rotting corpses.

I’m not disappointed that somewhere during fighting Negan and zombie hordes and with no explanation, no trial and error the survivors learned to create their own medicines, antibiotics, and saline solutions for IV bags. I’m not even mad that today I can’t find a trustworthy mechanic, but during the apocalypse you’ll have no shortage of people with blacksmithing skills. Heck, I’m not even mad there are more reliable doctors in the zombie apocalypse than in my own home town.

Aaron walks around in the fog during season nine of The Walking Dead

This is actually a pretty nice and moody shot. It sets the tone for the action to follow.

No, I’m disappointed that every episode is almost worse than the one before. I’m disappointed the acting has gotten progressively worse. Maybe the acting hasn’t gotten worse in season nine. Andrew Lincoln has always been the main focus of the series and the other actors were always supporting roles. It’s only apparent now the acting has been average at best because there were never full scenes with the supporting cast being the main focus.

Maybe the last half of season nine will be an improvement over the first half of the season. AMC is pimping the heck out of the Whisperers. A group of crazies dressed in zombie skins who can control the dead seems like it will be a return to The Walking Dead’s horror roots. Negan, who seemed to be emasculated in the earlier part of season nine, is sure to return to his old tired games. What this ultimately means is we will get more of the same things we have seen in the past eight seasons. At least we’ll have Samantha Morton on the series.

Negan gives the bird to Rick in The Walking Dead

Sometimes it feels like The Walking Dead is giving the middle finger to all of us.


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A Clockwork Orange Gets the Mezco Toys Treatment https://www.amindonfire.com/a-clockwork-orange-mezco-toyz/ Tue, 08 Jan 2019 02:33:07 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9746 Mezco Toyz likes A Clockwork Orange so much they released two versions of its Alex DeLarge figure. We take a look at the trimmed down 12-inch version of the figure.

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A Clockwork Orange was met with a chilly reception upon its original release. Roger Ebert called the movie a “an ideological mess, a paranoid right-wing fantasy.” Pauline Kael, who seemed to have never liked any of the movies she reviewed, called the movie “an abhorrent viewing experience.” Kael called Kubrick a pornographer more than once in her review. She also said the acting was terrible and complained about the pacing of the film.

Crimes of all sorts were blamed on Kubrick and his movie. Parents, church groups, and every group in between called for the movie to be banned. Although the movie was a box-office success and some critics liked the movie,Vincent Canby called the movie “an essentially British nightmare” and said the movie was “beautiful to look at and to hear that it dazzles the senses and the mind,” Kubrick still pulled the movie from wide circulation in England.

A lot has changed in the almost forty eight years since A Clockwork Orange premiered. The movie is considered a classic. The bleak dystopian nightmare portrayed in the movie has been mimicked by more than one movie. People, celebrities and normal folk alike, dress up like Alex for Halloween with no regards for the evil the character represents. Toy companies now make figures based on the movie.

Mezco Toys recently released two 12-inch figures based on the character of Alex DeLarge. The one not being shown falls under Mezco’s One:12 Collective collection. The One:12 Alex Delarge is a figure on steroids. It stands 12 inches tall, but has more accessories and articulation than the figure being reviewed. It’s an awesome figure and if you can afford the price tag it would make a nice addition to any collection.

Mezco also released a trimmed down version of the One:12 version. It may have fewer accessories, less articulation, and comes without the stitched clothing, but it’s still an excellent figure. It also has a price tag ($39-44, depending on where you find it) many of us can afford.

Without further delay, the Mezo A Clockwork Orange review:

Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange by Mezco Toyz.

Don’t worry about breakage. The box is secure and packaged very nicely.

Alex Delarge from A Clockwork Orange by Mezco Toyz.

A professional photographer with professional equipment took the picture for the back of the box. You won’t get their shot and my pictures confused.

Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange by Mezco Toyz

Two plastic trays and a sheet of plastic protect your figure from breakage and scratches that may occur during shipping.

Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange by Mezco Toyz

The figure may lack the articulation a lot collectors like to see in a figure, but we don’t mind when the figure looks this good.

Alex Delarge from A Clockwork Orange by Mezco Toys

The face sculpt has amazing detail. Notice Alex’s smirk.

Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange by Mezco Toyz

No detail was overlooked when creating the Alex figure. The opposite sleeve has a different colored eye ball.

Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange by Mezco Toyz

Notice the creases and folds in the clothes. Who knew Alex has such tight buns?

Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange by Mezco Toyz

The one other accessory, besides the cane with hidden knife, is the mask Alex wears during the movie’s notorious rape scene.


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The Yuletide Horror of Saint Nick https://www.amindonfire.com/yuletide-horror-saint-nick/ Mon, 24 Dec 2018 03:02:11 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9708 We review Saint Nick just in time to make your wintery nights a little more chilly or...chilling.

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Oh, how we love a good Christmas tale. We love Christmas tales that warm the heart, but we also love Christmas tales that chill the blood. Saint Nick almost fits the bill for some holiday horrors.

First, don’t confuse Saint Nick, aka Sinterklass, with Santa Claus. Saint Nick was never the first toy maker to the king and never lived at the North Pole. Nick actually hails from Turkey via Spain. Instead of reindeer Sinterklass gets a little help from Zwarte Piet (translated into English as Black Peter) and the gang of Pieten. Gifts are given to the good children while bad children get coal in their shoes, not in their stockings.

Why are we telling you all of this Saint Nick background? Because the Nick in Saint Nick isn’t holly nor is he jolly. Way back in the day Amsterdam villagers had enough of his evil ways. Banding together the village offed Saint Nick and his crew condemning them to their ship. They all thought everything was going to be okay, but little did they realize every December 5th when there’s a full moon Saint Nick comes back to kill at will. Saint Nick doesn’t care who’s been naughty or nice.

A little girl is excited for the arrival of Saint Nick

Saint Nick (aka Saint) takes place on one of those full moon December 5th nights. It starts off on a rather ghoulish note. In the winter of 1968 Nick and his gang slaughter an entire family. Fast forward another thirty something years and a full moon later Saint Nick is back in town.

Saint Nick lulls you into the false believe that you are about to watch a horror movie. It’s natural to think the movie you are watching is going to be a full blown horror movie after you see an entire family being killed. Saint Nick though comes across more of a comedy movie than a horror movie.

The movie has the required teenager quotient to adult ratio required for horror movies of this kind. It’s nice to see teenagers not taking over a horror movie like in other horror movies. In fact, most of the teens are killed off by Saint Nick in the first act of the movie. Only Frank, who is accused of the murders occurring in Amsterdam, makes it through the movie.

Death from above in the form of Saint Nick

A wrongly accused Frank teams up with Amsterdam police officer Goert Hoekstra. Hoekstra believes in the evil Saint Nick myth so deeply his investigations sideline his career. The disgraced cop who teams up with someone outside the police force for (insert various reasons here) is an over used cliche. It doesn’t work here anymore than it has in the dozens and dozens of movies that have used the same cliche.

In the second act of the movie there’s a pretty cool chase scene involving cops and Saint Nick. It’s one of the high lights of the movie that leads to the final showdown between Frank, Saint Nick, and an Amsterdam tactical team armed to the teeth. Of course, Frank wins the fight but not before Hoekstra dies.

Frank rides with the cops while they chase Saint Nick

What makes Saint Nick a little different from the rest of the Santa Claus as a killer movies is the larger conspiracy playing throughout the movie. While Frank and Hoekstra are fighting to save Amsterdam the big wigs in the government are busy keeping things quiet. By the end of the movie Saint Nick hadn’t killed anyone. It was a building fire and a serial killer cop responsible for a lot of deaths.

Saint Nick may not scare you. You may also laugh at scenes the director never intended to be comical and you may find some of the scenes either not gory enough or too gory. It’s still a fun, short movie. If anything its time away from the typical Hallmark Christmas movies flooding the networks this time of the year.

A victim of Saint Nick

Don’t lose your head, it’s only Christmas time.

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The Psychedelic Revenge of Panos Cosmatos’s Mandy https://www.amindonfire.com/the-psychedelic-revenge-of-panos-cosmatoss-mandy/ Mon, 17 Dec 2018 02:51:10 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9682 When you make as many movies a year as Nicolas Cage does one of them is bound to stick. One of those movies to stick is Mandy.

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Mandy is the latest movie by Panos Cosmatos. Cosmatos’s last film was 2010’s Beyond the Black Rainbow. For the uninitiated Beyond the Black Rainbow is a  psychedelic trip of a girl escaping from a hospital. Rainbow has the feel of a movie filmed in the late 60’s using 21st century equipment with an 80’s electronic synth soundtrack. Cosmatos’s new movie is cut from the same clothe as Beyond the Black Rainbow.

Red, played by Nicolas Cage, is a lumberjack who lives with his girlfriend Mandy (Andrea Riseborough, Nocturnal Animals). The two live in an idyllic forest living out their days reading, cutting down trees, and talking about planets. Things could go on this way for a long time, but their peace is shattered after Jeremiah Sand takes a shine to Mandy. Sand is a cult leader and a former folk singer. Apparently, Sand isn’t good at either one. He never made it as a singer and has only 6 followers in his cult.

Mandy bathed in bright colors is still a grizzly revenge movie

The psychedelic blasts of oranges and blues start as soon as Red walks out of the forest from his logging job. Is it a sign that something bad is going to soon happen? That would be one argument if the bright colors and lights started only after Red starts his quest for revenge.

Unlike a lot of revenge and home invasion movies there’s an actual reason why Jeremiah Sand has his eyes set on Mandy. It’s a totally messed up reason only a madman could rationalize, but it’s a reason. Jeremiah wants to have sex with her because his current “wife” isn’t doing it for him anymore. Mandy, drugged with a high dose of LSD, laughs off his advances. It does not end well for Mandy.

Jeremiah Sands, crazy cult leader in Mandy

Mandy is a violent movie. The bright colors, blasts of light, and trippy scenes don’t do anything to lessen the intensity of the gore and violence in the movie. In fact, the bright colors only highlight the blood and violence. Mandy is also a hallucination of a revenge movie.

Red is forced to watch Mandy be burned in front of him. The hippy kid gloves come off soon afterwards. Red’s path of vengeance lasts the rest of the movie. The rest of the movie is a violent storm surrounded by bright lights, slow motion shots, and extreme close ups.

Nicolas Cage as Red in Mandy

Blacksmith, logger, and lover. Red can do it all.

Red is perhaps Nicolas Cage’s best role since his highly publicized financial meltdown. Cage doesn’t have a lot of lines in the movie so he has to rely on the one other skills he possess as an actor- his incredibly over the top facial expressions. These expressions are on full display. In Mandy, unlike some of his other movies, his facial expressions, groans, and screams convey more than any line could ever do.

You’ll be inclined to think Mandy is a great movie. It’s definitely a unique movie. The already mentioned psychedelic trips automatically puts it ahead of most of the movies in the revenge genre. Spliced between scenes are title cards introducing characters. Even more unique for a revenge movie are the movie’s animated scenes.

If we take away the bright colors and psychedelic distractions we’ll find Mandy is just another revenge movie albeit a very cool looking revenge movie. In the end it’s still a revenge movie that will appeal mainly to Cosmatos fans. The typical fan of the revenge movie won’t be interested in the art house feel of a genre known mainly for blood and guts.

Mandy title card


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Arrow Video Releases Twelve Monkeys On Blu-Ray https://www.amindonfire.com/arrow-video-releases-twelve-monkeys-on-blu-ray/ Sat, 15 Dec 2018 02:51:46 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9618 Arrow Video has given Terry Gilliam's science fiction classic Twelve Monkeys the 4K treatment.

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DVDs and Blu Rays may not be selling like they did a few years ago. The decline in sales has everything to do with the rise of streaming serives like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Sales may see a further decline in the future when new streaming services from Disney and Warner are at full strength.

The folding of FilmStruck (Criterion has announced a new service starting in 2019) has made one thing clear, “If you want to preserve your favorite films, and you’re a cinema lover, than Blu-ray or DVD is the way to go.” Of course digitizing and formatting a movie for streaming, and presuming the movie will never be lost in a Skynet like Internet crash, is the ultimate in movie preservation. But will you always have access to it?

Odds are every movie in every Marvel movie phase will be available for streaming no matter where you or what device you may have access to at the moment. FilmStruck was aimed more towards the true fan of cinema, but as the closing of FilmStruck has painfully shown you’re not going to have access to every movie whenever you want.

By preserving movies we mean for your collection or for anytime you have to watch a movie than Blu-ray or DVD is the way to go. You will always have access to the movie no matter if you have an Internet connection or not. True, you will not be able to watch the movie on a phone or a tablet. That’s fine. Movies were not meant to be watched on a small screen or an iPad.

There are a few companies bringing great DVDs and Blu-rays to the market. Criterion, Kino Lorber, and Arrow Video are a few of the bigger names bringing films to the masses. These reviews are for the cinema lover and the film fan who still buy physical media and if we get other people to climb aboard than so much more the better.


“The Future is history.”

Arrow Video, established in 1991, restores and redistributes a wide arrange of movies. Whereas the Criterion Collection is focused more on classic movies, Arrow Video’s catalog ranges from Gailo horror classics like The Bird with the Crystal Plumage to classics like The Apartment to little seen independent movies like The Addiction. Arrow Video recently released onto Blu-ray Terry Gilliam’s 1996 sci-fi classic Twelve Monkeys.

The Movie:

James Cole (Bruce Willis) is a prisoner from the future sent back in time to track the spread of a virus responsible for killing most of the human population. Once back in the future Cole develops a relationship with Dr. Kathryn Railly, played by Madeline Stowe, and the two track down a seriously deranged Jeffrey Goines, played by Brad Pitt.

Twelve Monkeys is a movie of time travel, love, and serious mental issues. Is everything happening going on in Cole’s head. Maybe Cole is crazy. Maybe everything we’re seeing are the ramblings of mad man.

Twelve Monkeys Blu-Ray released by Arrow Vidoe

The other possibility is it’s all true and people will start dying in late 1996. One of the last scenes of the movies is Dr. Peters, played by David Morse, boarding a plane with his briefcase full of viruses. What’s even more interesting to consider is no matter what Cole does or who he calls in the future Dr. Peters will always unleash his virus into the world.

No matter which point of view you take the one thing that is true is Gilliam has crafted a modern science fiction masterpiece.

The Packaging: Be honest. The first thing you notice about any product is the packaging. Arrow Video has done a good job packaging Twelve Monkeys.The cover art blends the iconic Twelve Monkeys logo (A clock with monkeys for numbers) with a giant monkey face in the middle. The “12 Monkeys” written in white pop off on the red background.

Inside, of course, is the disc. The disc art is of television screens with faces on them, a nod to the television monitors the doctors of the future use when interrogating Cole.

Inside the case is a booklet with a nice article, “The Audacity of Hopelessness: Twelve Monkeys’ Grim Vision of the Future and the Present,” by Nathan Rabin. We won’t break down the article, but it’s well worth the read. There’s also an excerpt from Ian Christie’s Gilliam on Gilliam.

Special Features: Unfortunately, the special features are lacking on the Arrow release. The Gilliam and producer Charles Rosen commentary is the same one found on the previous Blu-ray edition.

The Hamster Factory and Other Tales of Twelve Monkeys is also found on the previous Blu-ray edition. It’s an interesting documentary about the making of Twelve Monkeys and worth watching if you have never seen it before.

There’s also a 1996 interview with Gilliam at the London Film Festival. It’s your basic interview set up with nothing earth shattering revealed in the Q&A.

Inside case of Arrow Video's release of Twelve Monkeys

The one new special feature is an appreciation of the film by Ian Christie. The appreciation doesn’t add anything new to the conversation. In fact, it sounds like Christie is rehashing everything from the documentary and from the interview. How many times do you have to hear Twelve Monkeys was based on Chris Marker’s La Jetee?

The real feature is the 4K restoration of the movie. You do not need a 4K TV or player to play the disc. The 4K process was done during the restoration process. You may not have a 4K TV but you will still get the benefit of a better quality picture and the original aspect ratio. Previous DVD and Blu-ray releases will pale in comparison.

Final Verdict: With nothing new to offer except a 4K restoration Arrow Video’s Twelve Monkeys will only appeal to the Twelve Monkeys’ fan who needs the best picture possible. Owners of previous Blu-ray editions are probably not going to rush out and get what is basically the same thing they already have at home.

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Christmas Horror Movies For The Yuletide Season https://www.amindonfire.com/christmas-horror/ Mon, 10 Dec 2018 23:25:10 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9616 If you love Christmas and love horror movies then you'll love our review of The Elf and Christmas Evil

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Traditional Christmas movies are boring. If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Your basic, traditional Christmas movie goes something like this:

Main character loses the spirit of Christmas because of divorce/a break up/or something devastating happens. As a result, Main Character hates Christmas. In the second act, Main character goes through another transformation because of new love/meets someone/something mysterious happens. In the third act, Main Character finds the true meaning of Christmas and lives happily ever after.

It’s a boring formula, but one Hollywood turns to time and time again. It’s a formula Hollywood knows will get people’s eyes on their product. Maybe this is why we like Christmas movies that tend to break this formula while comfortably staying in the formula.

Christmas movies like Elf, The Santa Clause, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas fit into the formula but with enough of a twist we enjoy them year after year. Then there are movies like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, and It’s A Wonderful that don’t fit the formula at all. These movies took the spirit of Christmas, family, and made it their own. Finally, there’s a little sub-genre we call Christmas Horror.

Christmas horror movies take all the feel good stuff of the season and throws it out a window. Classics like Black Christmas to new classics like Krampus and All Through the House remind us not every one has a holly, jolly Christmas.

The Elf (2017)

The Elf, not to be confused with the much more lighthearted and family friendly Elf, is a low budget horror movie. Low budget doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Low budget simply means film makers have less to work with than if you were making a movie for a studio. Low budget doesn’t have to mean bad, but in the case of The Elf that’s exactly what it means.

The Elf on the shelf in the Christmas horror movie The Elf

The Elf, from the very start, is a confusing movie. It’s not confusing in a David Lynch kind of way, but confusing because the movie never really explains itself. We meet Nick and Valeria at a thrift store. Did the couple buy a thrift store? Victoria randomly finds information on a toy maker. Did the couple buy a toy store?

For some random reason, Nick wanders into a room to discover a chest. Of course, Nick unlocks the chest. Inside the chest is a toy elf holding a knife, a naughty list, and a set of rules. It’s not a game, but it’s set up as a game. Except, the rules are never enforced in the movie.

Only after the elf has killed a lot of people do we learn Nick knew what the elf was the whole time. Apparently his family had been cursed with the elf generations ago. The elf we’re told is killing people on the naughty list found in the box. Except, Victoria and her parents are not related to Nick and neither are the two people from town invited to Victoria’s Christmas party. Either a way, a killer elf isn’t information you suddenly remember after your girlfriend’s parents are murdered by a wooden elf.

Looking at an elf in Christmas horror movie The Elf

There are so many problems with The Elf it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Victoria and Nick are going to be married. Victoria says more than once she doesn’t know anything about Nick, but she went on a road trip with him and even invited her parents to finally meet him. Nick later wonders how Victoria’s parents knew where he lived. It’s a good question but the answer is vague at best. Either Victoria knew in advance where Nick lived and he was going to open a chest that would result in people being killed or it’s a leap in logic the director hopes no one will notice. We figure it’s the latter.

There’s a  better story in The Elf  than what we are allowed to see or what was ever put in the script. After several deaths, Nick tells Victoria an urban legend the town used to scare kids. The Keeper of Souls would take children from their homes to the underworld. In the underworld the children would live and be used in what sounds like combat type games. The Keeper of Souls may or may not have possessed the elf. The viewer never really gets a good explanation how the whole thing works.

A demon who possesses a toy elf every Christmas so it can steal children is a movie we would love to have seen. Instead we are treated to a movie full of plot holes, leaps in logic, bad acting, and nonsense the director hopes no one will notice.

Avoid this movie like a Christmas fruit cake.

Christmas Evil (1980)

Troma Films is not known for high brow art films. This is the company that brought us Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead and The Toxic Avenger. It’s hard to argue Troma’s catalog of movies is anything but low budget silly messes. Tasteless and trashy may come to mind when you think of Troma films, but there are a few exceptions to the rule.

Christmas Evil goes somewhat against the grain of most Santa Claus as a killer movies. Young Harry Stadling, the future Santa Claus killer, learns the hard way that Santa Claus is either not real or someone who had sex with his mother under the family’s Christmas tree. We get an explanation much later in the movie, but whatever the case may be it was enough to send Harry down the wrong path in life.

Santa making the moves on mom in Christmas Evil

Santa’s hoping she’s been really naughty

Adult Harry, now working at a toy company, keeps a list of all the good and bad boys and girls in his neighborhood. He also spies on them from his bedroom window. It’s definitely a stalker move, but if you think about it this is exactly what the real Santa Claus does throughout the year. Except, Harry has a major break from reality.

Unlike the Santas in those other movies, Harry is a firm believer in the code of naughty and nice. This code is what really sets Christmas Evil apart from movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night or Santa’s Slay. The Santas in those movies kill for no rhyme or reason. Harry may be misguided, but in his own way he is trying t keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

Santa breaks into a house in Christmas Evil

Harry’s code is exactly like Saint Nick’s policy. Harry rewards the good and punishes the bad. He kills the yuppies leaving the church who mock him and he later kills his co-worker who cons him into taking his night shift at the toy factory. He spares his coworkers who are giving gifts to children at the company’s Christmas party. He leaves dirt for the one of the children on his naughty list.

Christmas Evil may not be a hardcore slasher film like All Through the House, but it has heart. Heart in any Christmas movie goes a long way. It’s a definite must see for the ending alone. Does Harry really fly to the moon in his van or is he doomed to crash into the icy river?

Christmas Evil also stars the great character actor Jeffrey DeMunn (The Shawshank Redemption, The Walking Dead, Billions) as Harry’s brother.

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Robin Hood As A Comic Book Movie https://www.amindonfire.com/robin-hood-comic-book-movie/ Tue, 27 Nov 2018 01:39:57 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9549 We saw Robin Hood 2018. We deeply regret our mistake, but are offering this review as warning to others.

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The Modernization of Robin Hood 2018

You liked Taron Egerton in the Kingsman movies. Let’s be honest, the Kingsman movies are probably the only Egerton movies most people have seen. It makes sense in today’s movie market that most people would have only seen those two movies. They were full of action, explosions, and spectacle. Based on the box office receipts it would also make sense to cast Egerton as Robin Hood.

There’s no reason to break down the story. The tale of Robin Hood is well known to every child. They can tell you how he stole from the rich and gave to the poor, how he and his Merry Men, Little John, Will Scarlet, and Friar Tuck, tormented the Sheriff of Nottingham, Sir Guy of Gisborne, and Prince John. They can tell you how Robin dared to come out of hiding to compete in an archery contest for the hand of Maid Marian.

Ben Mendelsohn in Robin Hood 2018

Clothes by Versace. Hair by Eber. Bad dialog by whoever wrote this nonsense of a script.

Robin Hood 2018 has been “updated” compared to previous movies. Updated is a relative term. The time period is similar to other Robin Hood movies and Robin was in the Crusades (which begs the question why did he need training if he went off to fight in the Crusades, but this is not a piece on the historical inaccuracies of a CGI filled movie), but the rest is basically a garbage excuse to throw a lot of CGI at the audience.

While the time may be the same very little else in the movie would have you convinced you were watching a movie set in a medieval time period. The sets, costumes, and over the top action sequences have been updated for an audience that has become trained to see movies through a comic book lens.

A comic book analogy is the best description for Robin Hood. Robin plays a duel role in the movie. One is a noble and the other is the guy who robs from the rich and gives to the poor. Robin is basically a medieval Batman. However, a rich guy dressing up as a bat to fight crime is more believable than anything coming from this movie.

Robin Hood strikes a pose

I’m Batm…I mean Robin Hood.

If there was ever a case of a movie no one wanted and no one asked for it would be Robin Hood. What movies weren’t made because studio heads thought this was the movie to bring to theaters? It’s one of the worst cinema crimes a studio could commit.

There has to be better movies about Robin Hood than what’s in the movie theaters right now. Right? Let’s see.


What can we say about Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves that hasn’t already been said? We could mention how Costner’s English accent comes and goes, but that’s already been talked about in depth by other writers and reviewers. We could mention how the dialog switches from casual speak into flowery English prose. We could even ask whose bright idea it was to cast Christian Slater as Will Scarlet. We could say something about the Sheriff of Nottingham attempting to rape Marian at the end of the movie and why would anyone try to make rape funny.

RH:PoT has all the hallmarks of a really bad movie, but was it a bad movie? It all depends on your point of view. There are long shots of Kevin Costner, there are medium shots of Costner looking noble, and one embarrassing long shot of Costner swimming in a pond, naked. If you like a lot Kevin Costner you’ll like RH:PoT because it’s basically a Kevin Costner puff piece.

Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Why do all these Robin Hoods have great hair?

RH:PoT is a great movie if you’re an Alan Rickman fan. Rickman’s acting, as is the case with many of his villainous roles, is over the top. He steals almost every scene. In Prince of Thieves, Rickman masters the art of hamming it up. This is not the Rickman from Die Hard or the one pre-teens would come to like in the Harry Potter movies.

Is RH:PoT a bad movie? Yes, yes it is a bad movie and it is best left alone.


Patrick Bergin (Mountains of the Moon, Love Crimes) took on the role of Robin Hood in John Irvin’s 1991 production. Some elements from the original Robin Hood ballads can be found in this interpretation. Robin fights Little John (a younger and almost unrecognizable David Morrissey) only to become friends, the arrow competition is altered but remains in the story, and Robin’s surname is Hode as found in the original tales. A lot though has been changed for the movie.

Bergin’s Robin doesn’t lose his lands because they were seized by a corrupt official while he was away on the Crusades. In this version, Robin loses his lands and becomes an outlaw because he insulted Sir Miles Falconet (Jurgen Prochnow, Das Boot) and Baron Roger Daguerre.

Patrick Bergin as Robin Hood

The Falconet and Daguerre characters were never in the original Robin Hood tales and should have never been created for the movie. These two characters were created for the sole purpose of adding some “history” to the movie. However, any history of Saxons and Normans was lost in the overall ridiculousness of the movie.

Irvin’s Robin Hood is more comedic than what the director intended. The action scenes come off on screen as more Keystone cops than knights trying to stop an outlaw. The final scene of Normans, Saxons, rich people, and poor all coming together to live happily ever after is one of the lesser silly scenes in the movie.

You would be better off hiding in any forest than to watch this movie.


Ridley Scott brought a version of Robin Hood to the big screen in 2010. Except the outlaw to be in this version isn’t Robin of Loxley, but Robin Longstride. Longstride (Russell Crowe) impersonates Loxley long enough to escape France and return Loxley’s sword to his father who lives in Nottingham.

From the moment Longstride meets the elder Loxley Robin Hood becomes a flawed history lesson of Franco-English relations and the eventual signing of the Magna Carta. When Robin Hood isn’t giving the audience a history lesson it quickly becomes a Gladiator or a Braveheart. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this movie more than once and heard the inspiring speeches too many times for it to save Robin Hood.

Russell Crowe riding a horse as Robin Hood

Robin Hood? Braveheart? Gladiator? It’s all the same in this Ridley Scott movie.

Scott’s Robin Hood is a prequel of sorts to the Robin Hood tales. Robin Hood doesn’t need a prequel and it definitely didn’t need a prequel that essentially changes the Robin Hood tale we’ve all come to know and love. It’s a shame too because the Robin Hood cast is spectacular. When will ever see Cate Blanchett, Max von Sydow, Russell Crowe, and William Hurt in a movie together again?


Let’s just put this out there right now: Mel Brooks is one of the funniest people to have ever walked the face of the earth. Period.

If you know anything about Brooks’s movies you know he likes to poke fun at movies and genres that seem to have gotten too big for their own britches. Some people may argue RH:PoT is so bad it’s a parody of itself, but it’s still prime for the Mel Brooks treatment.

Cary Elwes as Robin Hood

Brooks doesn’t pull any punches in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Nothing in RH:PoT is off limits. Lines like Robin Hood (Cary Elwes) telling Prince John (Richard Lewis) people listen to him because unlike other Robin Hoods he has an English accent are direct jabs at  RH:PoT. I’d like to think the chastity belt Marian (Amy Yasbeck) wears throughout the movie is in response to the attempted rape scene in Prince of Thieves. It’s through Brooks’s lens we can fully appreciate the wretchedness of the source material.

RH:PoT wasn’t meant to be a comedy, Men in Tights is pure comedy. Is it Brooks’s funniest movie? That title would have to go to Blazing Saddles or History of the World Part I or Young Frankenstein or The Producers.


If Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood (2010) is a prequel to the Robin Hood mythos Robin and Marian its sequel. Robin (Sean Connery) and Little John (Nicol Williamson, Excalibur) return home after years of fighting with King Richard (Richard Harris) in the Crusades. Nottingham has changed since they’ve been gone and not for the good. Prince John (Ian Holm), now King after the death of Richard, is still up to his petty games with the Sheriff of Nottingham (Robert Shaw).

Sean Connery as Robin Hood being helped by Audrey Hepburn

Robin and Marian is like the Grumpy Old Men of the Robin Hood movies. Robin, Little John, Will Scarlett (Denholm Elliot, The Indiana Jones trilogy) and Marian (Audrey Hepburn) are past their primes. However, that doesn’t stop them from trying to right the wrongs in old Nottingham.

It’s an older movie with zero special effects, but it’s still a better movie than Robin Hood 2018.


If your childhood was like mine and millions of other children it involved a lot of Disney movies. Some kids today may not remember a time when Disney was producing actual hand drawn animated features. One of those non-computer generated films was Robin Hood.

Disney’s Robin Hood is more or less a traditional retelling of the age old story with a few minor tweaks. Like most of Disney’s animated films animals take the place of humans. In this case, Robin is a fox. A fox, like the character in the ballad, is a sly, cunning critter. A fitting creature to go after Prince John, a lion, and the Sheriff of Nottingham, a wolf.

Robin Hood is a little more tame than other versions on our short list, but it is a Disney film geared more towards children and families. It’s a fun little movie to watch and even do a little reminiscing of days gone by. It’s a classic and you if you haven’t seen it watch it now.

What Does the Future Hold for Robin Hood?

We are well past the point of whether or not Robin Hood was a real man living in Sherwood Forest or a character in a ballad. Robin Hood, like other characters who have survived the test of time, is no longer the property of the original storyteller. These characters are now the property of the person re-telling their stories however that story may turn out.

Does anybody really want a Robin Hood movie? At best Robin Hood movies are hit or miss. At the worst Robin Hood movies are boring because we have seen it all before. If more Robin Hood movies are made in the future they should be so distinct and different to separate themselves from this most recent fiasco.

If you really, really need to see a Robin Hood movie keep the money you would spend at a theater and rent The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. It’s a classic.

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Molly: Wasteland Superhero https://www.amindonfire.com/molly-wasteland-superhero/ Sun, 04 Nov 2018 02:34:57 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9517 It's not Mad Max. It's Molly and she's super charged in an apocalyptic wasteland.

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It’s hard not to like Molly. First, it’s set in a post-apocalyptic land. The apocalypse is fertile landscape for someone with a creative mind. The ideas can range from the wasteland warrior driving a truck to a better place to a speeding train heading towards rebellion to a loner posing as a postal carrier to a father trying to get his son to the coast. One thing most apocalyptic movies have in common is the directors go for a gritty, dark tone. Directors Colinda Bongers and Thijs Meuwese chose to use bright comic book colors for their movie.

One draw back of bright colors is everything looks new. If it’s the apocalypse things should look old. At the very least things should look broken and abused. It may be a small detail, but the small details can sometime detract from the overall narrative. Fortunately there’s other things going for Molly than a brand new canteen hanging from a belt.

Molly gets ready to fight

Molly, wasteland warrior with an edge.

Molly has all the trappings of the post-apocalypse. Molly is the proto-typical wasteland warrior. She scavenges the land for food and supplies, has a loyal pet, and fights marauders and other bad types. Along the way she even manages to befriend an orphaned girl.

Whats’s an apocalypse without a lead bad guy? Deacon controls a small empire based on drugs and supplicant fighting. A supplicant is someone who has been drugged and turned into a zombie like creature. These creatures are thrown into a pit to fight each other to the death. It’s like Aunty Entity’s Thunderdome but without the wheel. Of course, Deacon wants Molly to fight in his pit.

Unlike a Max Rockatansky or Vic (He would be from A Boy and His Dog), Molly has some crazy comic book super powers to help her through the wasteland. How she got these powers is a mystery only hinted at during flash back scenes. The flashbacks show brief glimpses of experiments being conducted on her while she’s strapped to a table. Did the experiments create the powers or did she already have powers? We may find out the true cause in a sequel, but what we do know is her powers are activated under duress. We may also learn how her name has become legend.

Meuwese’s Molly is not perfect. The performance range from good to average. The stand out is Joost Bolt who plays the already mentioned Deacon. It feels like he had more fun playing the crazy than the other actors had with their roles.

Molly and friend

The fight scenes are clunky. Maybe with a fight choreographer and more time to practice the fight scenes would have been more natural. As it is, you can actually see some of the the actors pause before swinging a sword and leaning in to take a punch.

On the positive side, the actors are allowed to fight. There’s no Marvel comic book movie quick edits or fast cuts like in the Transformers franchise. The viewer can actually tell whose fight whom. It’s refreshing to see a fight scene not chopped to bits. The camera is placed in one spot to let the scene play out. We don’t need multi-angle, fast cut fight scenes.

Molly, according to a recent tweet from Meuwese, is the directors first feature length movie. Don’t let the fact scare you away. A director’s first film should not be the basis for judging a director’s future career. No one could have guessed the first time director of Bad Taste would one day win an Oscar for Best Director. Is there anything about Dementia 13 that would make anyone think the director would direct the greatest American movie ever made?

Deacon slapping his head in Molly

Intentional or not, Molly feels like a throw back to the apocalyptic movies of the 80s (Think Blood of Heroes, Cyborg).  That’s not a bad thing. Molly, like those movies, can be cheesy and silly at times. Molly is also a fun film. The fight scenes are entertaining, there’s a couple of special effect shots that are especially cool, and even the acting grows on you.

The second reason to like Molly, or at least give it a chance, is it’s an independent movie. Independent cinema is all about men and women with a shared vision and a can do attitude getting a movie made. Cinema lovers should support independent movies and independent movie makers as often as we can. The Avengers Part 4, the many Dwayne Johnson movies sure to come out,  and all the other big budget blockbusters can take care of themselves.

an orphan in Molly

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The Night Eats The World https://www.amindonfire.com/the-night-eats-the-world/ Mon, 29 Oct 2018 03:01:44 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9458 The Night Eats the World gives the zombie movie a well needed shot in the arm.

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(SPOILERS BEYOND) One could argue we’ve reached peak zombie and started down the back end slide of a well loved horror genre . There were a lot of zombie movies made after Night of the Living Dead was released and there have been a lot made after 28 Days Later revived the genre.

Saying there are too many zombie movies or we have reached peak zombie is like saying there are too many action movies. It’s true. There are more action movies than you can shake a stick at. However, we never say there are too many action movies. Why? Even as one fails there are few behind it that tell a good story or bring something new to the table.

a cat in the zombie movie The Night Eats the World

We haven’t reached peak zombie. There doesn’t have to be a  peak if directors and screen writers try to do something different, something new with a genre that has grown stale (Look at The Walking Dead‘s ratings for this season). Something different and new is exactly what director Dominique Rocher and screenwriter Jeremie Guez have done with The Night Eats the World.

Waking Up Alone

The Night Eats The World is about Sam who, like Jim in 28 Days Later, misses the zombie apocalypse. Sam wakes up after falling asleep at an ex-girlfriend’s party to find the world changed and not for the better. Sometime during the night something happened to turn everyone in Paris into zombies.

Searching hallways in the zombie movie The Night Eats the World

Sam’s introduction to the new world is his ex-girlfriend lunging for his throat. It’s at this point we see the something new and something different from The Night Eats The World we don’t see in other zombie movies. Instead of heading out into a ravaged Paris, Sam stays in the apartment building.

A Feeling of Isolation

Sam secures the apartment and then the apartment building. Like anyone at the end of the world, Sam raids every apartment he can for supplies. Staying in the building may not seem like a radical departure from other zombie movies, but think about those other zombie movies.

Most zombie movies or television series have a couple of things in common. There’s usually a reason or a hint of a reason why normal people turned into flesh eating zombies. The other thing they have in common is the first thing the main character does is set off down the road in search of other survivors.

Sam talks to himself in the zombie movie The Night Eats The World

The Night Eats the World chucks those two things out the window. Sam isn’t interested if anyone else survived. He’s not interested in leaving the confines of the building. Sam says later he thinks he’s safer inside than he is outside. It’s a hope he clings to even as his supplies run low.

It’s this self isolation the movie does so well. Sam’s world becomes the apartment, the building, and the things he finds in the building. A drum kit found in an apartment, a makeshift sound lab to create music, and an MP3 player become his sole outlet of expression. His only interaction is with a zombie trapped in the building’s elevator.

A Break From Reality

The passage of time is marked by the change of the seasons. We see Sam’s physical change,but we also see mental changes in Sam. He starts to carry on full conversations with his zombie friend. His nightmares become more vivid and the need for human contact grows. Sam risks going outside the apartment building to lure a cat, the only living thing he has seen in months, into the building.

Sam’s ultimate break from reality comes in the form of Sarah. Sarah repeats to him that he’s not safe inside the apartment building. She’s seen others like him and none of them fared very well. Sarah represents all of Sam’s fears. Fears that have been building inside him the entire movie.

Zombie trapped in an elevator in the zombie movie The Night Eats The World

Finally, in a self-destructive fit Sam escapes the building. Unlike other zombie movies this is not the happy ending Sam wanted. It may not be the ending viewers are use to either. Most viewers want to see the heroes of the movie saved from the zombie hordes. It gives us hope. The ending of The Night Eats the World is not happy.

Limited Dialog

Much like 28 Days Later, and even The Walking Dead, Sam never utters the word ‘zombie’. In fact, Sam doesn’t say a lot in The Night Eats the World. The dialog consists of his conversations with a zombie and an imaginary friend. The lack of dialog fuels the isolation Sam already feels. Many people say they could get along just fine by themselves. The fact is without human interactions a lot of us would be feeling loopy like Sam too.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a zombie movie with guns, explosions, and lots of rotting corpses walking around harassing survivors you should look somewhere else. The Night Eats the World won’t deliver these things. What the movie will deliver is a well scripted and well acted movie willing to do something different. It will also deliver tense moments and scares not seen in other zombie movies.

Sam looks at the roof tops in the zombie movie The Night Eats The World

The Night Eats the World isn’t looking to scare you with the typical run in with a zombie while going to a grocery store. The Night Eats the World gets into your brain. The scares are more in your imagination and what may be coming for Sam.

What The Night Eats the World won’t deliver is a rosy, everything is going to be okay ending. The ending is the complete opposite. Sam manages to swing across to another building’s rooftop. The rooftops, as Sarah mentioned, may be the way Sam saves himself, but the final look on Sam’s face says the complete opposite.

Paris rooftops in zombie movie The Night Eats the World

The Night Eats the World is a must see for fans of zombie movies and for fans of character driven movies.

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Horror Anthologies Worth Your Time https://www.amindonfire.com/horror-anthology-worth-your-time/ Wed, 24 Oct 2018 22:43:12 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9429 We like horror movies. You like horror movies. It’s like we’re a match made in cinema heaven. What’s better than one horror movie at a time? How about a horror movie with more than one horror story contained between the opening and closing credits? Of course, we’re talking about the horror anthology. Some good anthologies […]

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We like horror movies. You like horror movies. It’s like we’re a match made in cinema heaven. What’s better than one horror movie at a time? How about a horror movie with more than one horror story contained between the opening and closing credits? Of course, we’re talking about the horror anthology.

Some good anthologies have been released in the past few years. Here are just  a few of our favorites and a couple to avoid. Let us know if you have a favorite anthology on Twitter or our Facebook page.

Ghost Stories

Technically, Ghost Stories isn’t an anthology. At least it’s not an anthology in the sense we have been trained to think of an anthology. Except, that’s what’s so deceptive about Ghost Stories.

Professor Goodman, the last name is more deceptive than we’re lead to believe, debunks paranormal activity and practitioners of the supernatural for a living. He even has a television series where he debunks something every episode. He’s totally convinced there’s nothing going bump in the night and the things we do see are products of our mind. His motto is “The brain sees what it wants to see.”

The three cases in the horror anthology Ghost Stories

The movie starts like an introduction to one of Goodman’s episodes (the opening of more traditional anthologies use the same technique, but with someone more like the Crypt Keeper).During this introduction we meet Goodman’s childhood hero and another paranormal debunker Charles Cameron. Cameron, who has contacted Goodman to meet him at his trailer home, gives Goodman three cases for him to investigate. The purpose of these cases is to show Goodman there really is something on the other side of the living world.

These three cases are some of the scariest and most nerve racking tales put on film. Tony Mathews, a night watchman at an old factory, is terrorized by the ghost of a dead girl. Simon Rifkind in case two seems like an autistic teen or someone suffering from paranoia. Except, he’s neither one of these things. Poor Simon has seen things no one should have to see. Case three features Martin Freeman (Sherlock Holmes) as Mike Priddle. Priddle’s case is the disturbing tale of a wife who wanted a child at any cost.

Martin Freeman in the horror anthology Ghost Stories

The Last Key

It’s the last case that connects all the other cases. Priddle’s case also explains why Goodman has been seeing some of the paranormal he so admittedly denies. What should give the whole story away is how, when trying to open a shed door, Priddle asks “Why is it the last key that always opens things?” Why? Because Riddle is the last key.

There’s a lot going on in Ghost Stories. Clues and hints are dropped along the path the more perseptive viewer will pick up almost at once. You’re not let down in the least at the big reveal in the end. Ghost Stories is one of the best anthologies, and one of the best horror movies, to come out in quite sometime.


XX proves women can create horror movies just as good as men. The four stories in XX each run about twenty minutes. Like a good short story, the episodes don’t waste time on the frivolous. The episodes are tight, well acted, directed, and pretty darn creepy.

The Box from horror anthology XX

It would be difficult to say which story is the best. Every segment has its own unique style. “The Box”, a story of hunger, is some of the finest psychological horror you’ll find in a short movie or a full length feature. “The Birthday Party,” starring Melanie Lynskey (Castle Rock), is a dark humor comedy of errors. “Don’t Fall” finds a group of hikers who accidentally unleash something they should have left alone . In “Her Only Living Son” a mother fights a dead beat father’s influence over her son.

Trick ‘r Treat

Traditional horror anthologies have a host, like the Crypt Keeper, doing an intro and an outro for each story. Trick r Treat abandons the traditional host. Instead of a host the little terror known as Sam appears in every episode. He, “it” may be a more appropriate word, is the spirit of Halloween. Sam’s primary function is to make sure people are respecting the Halloween traditions and punishing those who don’t.

Sam from horror anthology Trick r Treat

Werewolves, zombies, and killers populate the small un-named city in Trick r Treat. Director Michael Dougherty and editor Robert Ivison seamlessly blended and wrapped one story in Trick r Treat into the next. In a Tartanino-esque move, the beginning of the movie is the end. It makes an already great anthology better and separates itself from other horror anthologies.

ABCs of Death

ABCs of Death is unique in the horror anthology category. Twenty six directors from around the word were given a letter of the alphabet. Their mission was to create a short movie based on word starting with the given letter. The only requirement was the story had to be about death.

horror anthology ABCs of Deatg

All twenty-six shorts were shot on shoe string budgets. Some of the segments look like they were made on the cheap while others seemed to have made the most of the budget ( “V if Vagitus The Cry of Newborn Baby”). The segments run the gambit of quality from great to the miserably put together.

T id for Toilet in horror anthology ABCs of Death

Overall, ABCs of Death is novel. The execution by some of “the world’s leading directors in genre film” is not novel. The movie’s saving grace is the fast forward button. The reason it’s on our list is because you can skip to the letters you like. Out of twenty-six episodes there should be something for everyone.

Tales from the Hood 2

Admit it. You liked the original Tales from the Hood. Director Rusty Cundieff and producer Spike Lee return for another round of tales.

Tales from the Hood horror antholgy

Tales from the Hood 2 comes off more like a bad version of Crash than a horror anthology.We know, or at least the great majority of us, know racism is wrong. At every turn Tales from the Hood 2 rams the message down our collective throats. It gets old quick and doesn’t add to the over all quality of the movie.

The “Good Golly” episode lets us all know about systematic racism. It also drives the point home we’re all racists- black or white. Being racists we all need to be punished even if it means giving birth to tiny golly dolls. “The Sacrifice” reminds us all of the sacrifices made by Civil Rights pioneers, but doesn’t explain why the lead character has to die because he’s a Republican.

The two episodes that don’t pander to the audience are only decent. “Date Night” is about two sexual predators who troll the internet to find women to rape. The tables are turned when the skeezy men learn the women they met on Tinder are vampires. The hot vampires use the internet to lure men into their home to kill. There’s probably a message in this segment too. Except, Tinder is an app used to “hook up” with people. It’s not that date rape has never occurred when two Tinders hook up, but the whole point of the app is to connect two willing people for a hit and quit it encounter. Oh, well.

Vampires from Tales From the Hood 2 horror antholgy

You never know who you may meet on Tinder.

“The Medium” is about a dead drug dealer who posses the body of a television medium. There’s nothing new to see in this segment. The television medium is a fake until drug dealers threaten his life if he can’t channel the spirit of a dead drug dealer. Of course, the dead drug dealer possess the medium’s body.

All is not lost. The always excellent Keith David plays the role of the storyteller. David tells the stories to an overtly racist, white, rich guy. Of course, the racist white guy pays the ultimate price after David reveals his true identity.

Tales from the Hood 2 may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you liked the original anthology you’ll like the second.

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Zombie Series Better Than The Walking Dead https://www.amindonfire.com/zombie-series-better-than-the-walking-dead/ Wed, 10 Oct 2018 21:17:51 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9205 The Walking Dead is on its way out, So where are you going to get your zombie fix? Check out these shows for a quick fix.

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(Spoilers ahead)We don’t have any inside information or a crystal ball telling us The Walking Dead is on its way out. However, we only need to look at what’s in front us to see the future isn’t as bright as it once was for the series. Viewership of the zombie series has been steadily declining over the past few seasons with only a bump in ratings for particular episodes.

It was reported a few months ago everyone’s favorite worst leader ever, Rick Grimes, would be exiting the series. Andrew Lincoln told the crowd at this year’s SDCC why he wasn’t returning to the series that put his name on the acting map. Lauren Cohan will also be leaving the series sometime during season nine.

Both actors claim they’re not done with their characters. What this really means is anyone’s guess. It could even be a massive AMC stunt to keep viewers tuned into season nine. Remember when showrunners, producers, and AMC  let everyone believe Glenn Rhee was dead and even announced the character was dead until they finally killed off him for good?

Surviving Post Lincoln?

The series could easily survive without Cohan returning as Maggie. Maggie’s character was never full developed as anything more than Glenn’s wife. Last season saw her character come to the forefront, but she was almost MIA in the second half of the season. The series surviving without Andrew Lincoln is a different matter. Lincoln’s Grimes was the lynch pin that held the series together. Wherever we turned or whatever episode was airing, Grimes was in some form or fashion front and center.

The series will have a difficult time recovering and AMC will have a difficult time convincing its dwindling fan base to continue the journey into the zombie apocalypse with out Lincoln Grimes…uh…Andrew Lincoln. It remains to be seen if Norman Reedus can carrying the show on his shoulders. The outlook is not looking good for a once unstoppable juggernaut of basic cable television.

Now that The Walking Dead is on its last leg where can a self respecting zombie fan turn? Let us show you.


Freakish is a Breakfast Club meets Degrassi High meets any movie where toxic gas turns humans into monsters mashup. Unlike the gang at Shermer High School these detention students are in fight for their lives.

Freakish starts when the local chemical plant blows up spreading a toxic cloud across the city. Anyone caught in its path is turned into a zombie. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, the detention school gang is caught between the relative safety of the high school and the toxic zombies outside trying to get into the high school.

Freaskish cast run down a hallway escaping zombies

They need better hallway vision

To make matters worse, a quasi-military group may be at the center of the accident that caused the toxic cloud. They’ve got their sights set on the school and one student in particular, Grover Jones. Jones and his scientist father may be what breaks the whole mystery wide open.

The all teen cast seems a little far fetched and they are way more sophisticated than teenagers in real life have ever or will ever be. Violet, the obligatory badass of the group, can make bombs and sleeping gas with the basic tools found in a high school chem lab. Diesel, the tough guy with a heart gold, can read detailed blueprints. Barrett is a tech genius who also happens to be a multimillionaire.

a zombie in Freakish freaks out

Bad makeup day

Don’t let the fact that Freakish’s target audience is between the ages of 15-21 scare you away. The acting is solid. The plot rivals anything seen in other zombie series. There’s even a little Chad L. Coleman from The Walking Dead to round things out.

No word yet whether Hulu is renewing the series for  season three. It wold be a shame if the third season didn’t see the light of day. The final episode of season two will you leave you asking a lot of questions and wanting more.

Z Nation

Z Nation is produced by The Asylum, the company behind such classics as all six Sharnado movies, Atlantic RimThe Terminators, and Alien Predator. The Asylum’s modus operandi is to take a successful movie or movie franchise change the script and title enough so it’s similar to the movie being copied, but not enough  to get sued (They have been sued in the past).

a zombie baby teething in Z Nation

It’s a cute zombie baby. But still a zombie.

It wasn’t  long after The Walking Dead exploded into the pop culture stratosphere the Asylum and creators Karl Schaefer and Craif Engler turned their sights on zombie series. Schaefer and Engler stole everything they could from The Walking Dead for the first couple of episodes. However, the series has since found its own footing.

Z Nation works because it doesn’t take itself serious. For every serious moment in the series, like being trapped inside a casino on Indian land while a horde of zombies is heading their direction to a nuclear bomb being detonated, there’s a ball of zombies getting bigger as it rolls over more zombies. The Z Nation crew have had run in with drug dealers, a Mexican cartel, and even the Chinese Army. You never know what you may see in an episode of Z Nation.

Yes, Z Nation can be a bit corny at times. There’s only so many times in one episode you can hear “I grant you mercy”  before it starts to sound like fingernails dragging across a chalkboard. All that being said, Z Nation has become one of the best zombie genre series to air on television.

The Murphy and 10K from Z Nation kiiling zombies

The Murphy and 10K

You can catch the new season on the SyFy network and past seasons on both Amazon Prime and Netflix.


iZombie is about a wanna be surgeon, Liv Moore, scratched by a zombie during a crazy boat party fueled by drugs and energy drinks.What’s a wanna be surgeon turned zombie in need of a steady diet of brains to do? Become an assistant medical examiner for the Seattle police department.

iZombie is a basically a police procedural. Every episode somebody dies and it’s never too difficult to figure out who the murderer is in every episode. What separates iZombie from other police procedural is Moore’s unique zombie ability. After she eats a brain (the brain food prep rivals almost anything you’ll see on a cooking show) she gains the memories of the former owner and adopts their personality. Moore eats their brain, gains the most convenient parts of the deceased’s memories, and helps solve the murder.

Liv Moore gets scratched by a zombie in iZombie

It’s just a scratch. What’s the worse thing that can happen?

The best thing about iZombie is Rose McIver. Not only does McIver play the already mentioned Liv Moore she also takes on the traits of the deceased. She bounces from being a hip hop rapper to a Jack Ass type prankster to a dominatrix with a comfortable ease. It’s the people Moore inhabits that make the common place procedural more tolerable and even entertaining. Later episodes have other actors trying to do the same thing, but not with the same success as McIver.

In season four the series takes a little darker tone. Fillmore Graves, a private military group, turns almost all of Seattle into zombies. It’s a departure from the silliness of the first three seasons. After three seasons of solving murders it takes some time to get use to the idea of a serious iZombie. It doesn’t work for the series, but newer viewers may like the struggle between the good zombies trying to save Seattle and the bad zombies trying to keep it closed off from the rest of the United States.

Live gives a zombie look in iZombie

a zombie named Liv Moore. Get it? Get it?

Alas, season five is iZombie’s last season.

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The Cinema of Revenge https://www.amindonfire.com/cinema-of-revenge/ Sat, 06 Oct 2018 18:17:40 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9334 Revenge is dish best served cold...with a lot of hot lead.

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Revenge. It’s an act as old as the bible. Cinema, from the begining of the medium, has explored the theme of revenge. Whether revenge is played for comedic effect as in The First Wives Club (1996), or part of a life and death struggle like in The Revenant (2015), or when the system is failing like in The Brave One (2007) it’s always a dish served cold.

Upgrade (Spoilers ahead)

Blumhouse, known for its releases of the Insidious movies and the more recent Academy Award nominated Get Out,  has had some misses, but for every miss the production company has had its had just as many successes. Upgrade, the company’s first foray into science fiction, is one of those success.

Set in the distant but familiar future, Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green, a less beefy looking Tom Hardy) is the last of the gas engine mechanics. Of course, being a mechanic he’s adverse to most technological advances, like self-driving cars. However, this does not stop him from having a wife knee deep in the tech trenches.

Trace of Revenge blood on his hands in Upgrade

A revenge movie isn’t a revenge movie if there’s nothing or no one to seek revenge against. Upgrade begins when Trace and his wife Asha’s (Melanie Vallejo) self driving car goes haywire and crashes into the worst part of town. Waiting outside the crashed car are armed men ready to cause the couple harm. Trace is left crippled from the neck down and Asha is murdered.

Upgrade stumbles with cliches during the first half of the movie. It’s not until later we find out the reason behind the couple’s car going haywire, but for much the film it goes unaddressed. We can only assume it’s another case of a car breaking down in the worst place in town cliche. Why? Because there wouldn’t be a story if the car broke down in the suburbs. After Trace has been diagnosed as a paraplegic he’s approached by tech genius Eron Keen to be a guinea pig for his new STEM invention. The idea of walking again and having the use of his arms isn’t enough for Trace to accept the offer. So Keen drops the tried, trued, and cliched “What would she (his murdered wife) want?” Of course, the next scene we see Trace undergoing surgery. After the surgery no named doctors tell Trace and Keen not to expect immediate results. Shocker of shockers there’s immediate results.

Trace being questioned in Upgrade

Why do police officers always investigate the victim in revenge movies?

Once the cliches are out of the way, Upgrade takes off. One of the reasons Upgrade succeeds is Marshall-Green’s performance. It turns out STEM is an AI chip that takes control of Trace’s body. The challenge for Marshall-Green was to act like something is controlling his body without his performance coming off as someone acting like he has no control over his own body. It’s a feat he pulls off with scary effect.

The fight scenes are some of the best put on film in ages. Thankfully, these scenes aren’t over edited and chopped up like all the fight scenes in Marvel movies. When will Hollywood directors take a cue from some of the great karate movies- leave the camera alone, let the fight play out. How many edits on top of edits in a Bruce Lee movie have you seen? Exactly.

Trace gets revenge

Revenge isn’t always pretty

Fight scenes and revenge killing scenes aside, even though they’re pretty darn cool, Upgrade also succeeds because it’s probably one of the only revenge movies where the protagonist doesn’t want revenge. Yes, Trace wants revenge and he even gets some payback, but he never gave himself completely over to the idea of revenge. It’s too late when he learns STEM has taken over his body to continue where Trace left off.

The ending you think is coming during the final showdown doesn’t materialize. Whether you saw the ending coming or not it’s nice to see a movie end in a non-Hollywood way. Trace may have gotten his revenge against the thugs who murdered his wife, but at what price?


Revenge, as the title implies, is a movie about revenge. More importantly, it’s a movie about good old fashion payback. Jen, portrayed as a typical sexy young woman with the lack of clothing to match, is raped by her boyfriend’s hunting partner. Things don’t seem like there going to go Jen’s way after Jason, the boyfriend, pushes her off a cliff and she’s impaled on the only tree for miles. So it would seem.

Coralie Fargeat’s Revenge can be viewed as an another entry in the rape/revenge films started with the original I Spit On Your Grave (1978)Revenge is also a fantasy film. Most revenge movies do involve a certain amount of fantasy and who could blame the director or screenwriter for wanting to extract a little revenge? At some point in our lives most of us have wanted to get some kind of revenge. However, most of us do not act on our impulses and those unfortunate enough to have faced great trauma must wait to find justice in a courtroom, if they find justice at all.

Jen gets off a helicopter in Revenge

I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie world

You can tell from the beginning Revenge separates itself from the other rape revenge movies. The first thing you will notice is the color palette and lighting choices Fargeat and cinematographer Robrecht Heyvaert use in the film. Instead of dark colors and shadows, Fargeat and Heyvaert have chosen to use bright colors throughout the film. The colors and lights pop off the screen. It’s safe to say Revenge with its quick cuts and a peyote trip thrown in for good measure is unlike the rest of the movies in this sub-genre.

You can’t ignore the fact Jen, and by proxy actress Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, is stunningly beautiful. Most directors would be tempted to play up her sexuality throughout the movie. A lesser director would highlight and draw attention to her assets over the brutal payback she’s exacting against her attackers. Fargeat doesn’t shy away from the fact her leading actress is gorgeous nor does she try to cover her beauty. In fact, as the film moves closer to the end the less clothes Jen is wearing. In one particular scene the camera zooms in on her tight shorts. You would have to be blind not to notice the bottom half of her buttocks hanging out of her shorts.

Jen takes aim in Revenge

Hell hath no fury…

To some the lack of clothing on an attractive woman may be a cause for celebration. Except you won’t even notice Jen’s tight shorts or skimpy top. As Jen’s clothes become skimpier her revenge gets more brutal and Fargeat clothes her in blood and guts. It’s so far from sexy you’ll find yourself concentrating more on Jen’s transformation than her skin. By the end of the movie she is unrecognizable as the hot blonde sucking on a lollipop we first meet. By the end of the movie Jen has been transformed like the phoenix (although I would like to think it’s an Aztec war bird) on the beer can she uses to sear her wound closed. The Barbie Doll has been replaced by a killer.

Is Revenge the first revenge movie in the Time’s Up era? Only the viewer can decide. However, the answer to that question may depend on how you would answer Jason when he says, “Women always have to put up a fucking fight.”

Jen about to get her revenge

(But what’s with all the ants in the movie? Recent studies show even ants get a little revenge now and then)

Death Wish

Hollywood loves remaking classic movies. The original Death Wish, starring Charles Bronson, spawned four sequels before Bronson ran out of thugs to kill on the big screen. So it was only natural Hollywood would pull the franchise out of the mouth balls.

Quentin Tarantino acolyte Eli Roth helms this unremarkable remake. The first question is why would a movie be released about vigilante killing in the middle of one the United State’s biggest gun debates and a month after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School?

Bruce WIllis points a finger in Revenge

Someone should really get revenge on the person who is green lighting all these remakes.

Production and release dates have been pushed back before  in the wake of tragic events. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was delayed because it had one brief scene with the Twin Towers in the shot. An episode of the popular Mr. Robot was delayed because the episode was too similar to a reporter who had been shot on camera days before the episode was to air. Even the Ben Stiller comedy Neighborhood Watch didn’t escape being affected by the Trayvon Martin shooting. So, it was possible for the studio to delay the release of the movie.

The studio and Roth had a chance to at least do something different with the overall premise and theme of Death Wish. However, they didn’t. Instead they cast Bruce Willis as a doctor and a father whose wife is murdered and his daughter is left in a coma after a violent attack in there home.

The point of these movies is that we have to believe the lead actor or actress has been a victim. Willis doesn’t come off as a victim or even someone grieving the loss of his wife. Willis never delivers on the role of victim or as a victim who stops being a victim and takes things into his own hands. His performance comes off as insincere.

Bruce Willis looks at his daughter in revenge driven Death Wish

Fun fact: You won’t be released from the hospital the same day you come out of a months long coma

Besides Willis’s stale acting he comes with a lot of action hero baggage. How many movies have we seen Willis plow through armed bad guys with machine guns, handguns, and hand grenades? That’s a rhetorical question. The answer is a lot. The combination of stale acting an action movie pedigree makes it difficult to believe Willis was ever a victim fighting for his family when the police did nothing.

If we can’t believe the performance the movie falls apart. For example, we believe Kevin Bacon in Death Sentence because he came off as vulnerable, a fish out of water who has bitten off more than he can chew when he goes after the gang who murdered his son. Death Sentence succeeds on the acting of Bacon while Death Wish fails on the acting of Willis.

The second question about Death Wish is what kind of message the movie is sending? Although Detective Raines (Dean Norris, Breaking Bad) says some off color comments about killing homeless people he seems genuine in wanting to solve Willis’s string of vigilante killings. As it turns out, and you would never have put it together from the evidence presented on screen, Raines doesn’t care who is killing criminals in the city. Basically, the moral of Death Wish is you can kill a lot of people and get away with it if the detective in charge doesn’t really care about due process under the law.

Hollywood, in the future if you’re going to remake a movie like Death Wish, which you will, try casting against type. How different would Death Wish been if an actor like Hamish Linklater (Legion) or Justin Long (Tusk, Jeepers Creepers) were cast in the lead role? Totally different and in a good way. Also, if you’re going to make a movie like this make sure the audience knows the repercussions of the actions.

Bruce WIllis and Elizabeth Shue in the revenge driven Death Wish

Didn’t Elizabeth Shue have anything better to do with the 10 minutes she wsa in Death Wish?

Nietzsche said, pardon the slight paraphrasing, be careful when hunting monsters you don’t turn into a monster yourself. The point is you may turn into the same thing you’re trying to destroy. Even if you don’t turn into a monster yourself you may still find revenge once sated may not be as sweet as you. imagined.

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The Future World of James Franco https://www.amindonfire.com/future-world-of-james-franco/ Sun, 26 Aug 2018 02:13:38 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9252 James Franco delivers a fun and wild ride into the apocalypse with Future World.

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(Limited Spoilers Ahead) James Franco has been quite busy over the past few years. He’s starred in big Hollywood productions (Why Him?), small passion projects (The Disaster Artist), critically acclaimed television (The Deuce), independent movies you’ll likely never see (As I Lay Dying, Child of God, The Sound and the Fury), and soon even another comic book movie (Multiple Man). More recently Franco has jumped into the world of B(ish)-movies and the post-apocalyptic American landscape with Future World.

Lucy Liu as Queen in Future World

Lucy Liu pretty much stays in bed the entire movie, but it’s Lucy Liu so it’s okay.

Future World‘s story and plot is simple. Prince (Jeffrey Wahlberg), with two “loyal subjects,” leaves possibly the only oasis to be found in an apocalyptic world to save his sick mother, Queen (Lucy Liu, Charlie’s Angels). Along the way Prince is befriended by a really hot, sexy, killer android named Ash (Suki Waterhouse, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) who also happens to have killed his companions. The two are hounded by Franco’s Warlord who’s hellbent on getting Ash back before Prince can finish his mission to find Queen’s cure.

Suki Waterhouse and James Franco in Future World

In the future, all androids will be sexy af.

Franco may be wandering into B-movie territory, but only slightly. Future World‘s budget may have been half of, a somewhat generous guess, than some of his Hollywood movies. However, Future World isn’t your average B-movie. Franco and his partners Jay Davis, Bruce Thierry Cheung, and  Jeremy Cheung have created a world where anyone can be royalty and an android searching for her soul can find love. It’s a slick mix of high adrenaline action movie and a movie about self-discovery.

James Franco as Warlord in Future World

James Franco’s Warlord spends a lot of the movie talking in a box.

Franco’s performance as the crazed Warlord is a perfect fit for the movie’s B-movie feel. However, it’s Milla Jovovich as Drug Lord, the only person who can give Prince the cure for his mother, who steals the second half of the movie. We’ve seen her play the action hero jumping and spinning in the air with guns blazing more than once in her career so it’s nice to see her acting against type. Suki Waterhouse plays Ash almost as a new born child. Her performance isn’t stiff like someone acting like a robot, but someone who is expernicing everything for the first time. Method Man,  Snoop Dogg as Love Lord, and even Rumor Willis make appearances in the movie.

Milla Jovovich as Drug Lord in Future World

She’s crazy. She’s drugged up. It’s Jovovich like you’ve never seen her.

Calling Future World a Mad Max knock-off, as some have, is just plain lazy. Yes, Future World is set in an post-apocalyptic setting, motorcycles race across barren landscapes, and crazy raiders in a crazy get ups harass and kill people. But Future World owes just as much to Mad Max as it does to other post apocalyptic movies like A Boy and His DogCherry 2000, Cyborg, and 2017’s The Bad Batch, also staring Suki Waterhouse. It’s all those movies wrapped up in a nice little package.

Suki Waterhouse as Ash in Future World

She may be made of plastic, metal, and circuits, but Ash is more human than most humans in Future World.

Future World may not win over anyone who’s not already a  fan of the post-apocalyptic genre (Young Adult novel readers aside). The movie may not convince anyone who is not already a fan that Franco is actually one of the best actors of his generation. If we can accept a director like Quentin Tarantino jumping from genre to genre and if we can accept a director  taking credit for creating those genres (Tarantino’s production company is even named after a classic Jean-Luc Godard movie of the same name) why can’t we accept Franco has a director and actor pushing movie bounds? At the very least, watch Future World for the crazy, over-the-top action in a B-movie world.

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Funko Pop Goes Dark With Black Phillip https://www.amindonfire.com/funko-pop-goes-dark-with-black-phillip/ Sat, 11 Aug 2018 23:26:04 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9214 Funko Pop brings the most evil Pop in its horror line to toy shelves everywhere. You've been warned.

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The Funko toy company makes vinyl and plastic figures under the brands Vynl, Vinyl Idolz, Rock Candy, Dorbz, Mystery Minis, Retro (Current comic book and movie characters made to look like action figures from the 80s), Fabrications, Mopeez, Legacy Collections, and Hikari. There most famous toy line, the line responsible for their rise in the toy industry and the one most people know, is the Pop.

The Pop, like most of Funko’s figures and bobbleheads, are cute, stylized versions of the properties they’re based on. Funko has the property licenses for almost every movie, comic book, video game, and cartoon property you can think of and some you have never heard of before. Basically, they have a license for almost everything under the sun and rumor has it they may have the license to the sun too. Be careful, they may buy the license to you next.

Funko Pop does Black Phillip

Wouldst though like the taste of butter and pretty dress?

It’s not unusual for Funko to make a Pop from properties that weren’t hits or blockbusters, but those properties usually have some sort of nostalgic attachment to them. No one would confuse The Sandlot as a mega blockbuster. However, over the years it has gained quite the following. Pops based on the movie are rolling off the assembly line right now.The Witch: A New England Folktale wasn’t a box office smash. It didn’t gain traction until the movie was released on blu-ray and streaming services.

The Witch was one of the best movies released in 2016. It is also one of the most singularly disturbing, and some would say terrifying, movies to come out in the 21st Century. The Witch is about a family in 17th Century America banished from their colony over religious differences. The family’s life on their new land goes from bad to sinister to evil. The Witch is a story of black magic, witches, paranoia, and selling your soul to Satan. Leading, for the lack of a better word, the way into demonic possession for young Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy) is the goat Black Phillip.

Black Phillip as designed by Funko Pop

Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

There’s no other Funko Pop as evil as Black Phillip. Black Phillip is the Devil. You can call him Satan or any other religious name you want to call him. You could argue Pinhead,an angel of Hell or a demon, from the Hellraiser franchise may have been creepy at one point in time. Somewhere along the way, probably after the second movie, the Hellraiser franchise went from tearing souls apart to adventures in space. It’s not really the thing that strikes fear into anyone.

Even the Pops based on the Halloween, Friday the Thirteenth, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre aren’t creepy or scary. These franchises were scary at one point in time. After countless sequels, ridiculous plot twists, and ridiculous ways to keep the main characters coming back for the next installment (Jason being brought back to life by lightning) no one would consider these movies scary. There’s no immediate reaction to the Michael Myers or Jason Voorhess Pops except for that it may be a cool Pop or you want it to complete a collection.

Black Phillip Funko Pop

Like 99% of Pops, Black Phillip won’t stand on its own.

Black Phillip on the other hand is anything but cute. The Black Phillip Pop brings the movie immiedatly to mind. You can hear Black Phillip say, “Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?” The traditional huge head Funko uses on their Pops only serves to make the Pop more demonic appearing. The yellow eyes aren’t as cute as they are on other Pops because you associate those eyes with the Devil in The Witch.

Why is the Black Phillip Pop more disturbing than the other Pops in the horror line? It could be The Witch hasn’t become a parody of itself like the other Pops in the horror line. When you see the Pop your mind immediately goes to the movie. You not only see the scenes of Black Phillip tempting Thomasin, but you also see the scene of her brother vomiting up an apple and the scene of the witch killing a child. No other Pop can recreate scenes do vividly for the fans.

Get the Black Phillip Pop now. Odds are it’s going to be “vaulted.” Vaulted is Pop collector speak for Funko’s not making it anymore. The price is going to sky rocket when Funko vaults Black Phillip. So, if you want to pay thirty or more dollars plus shipping wait to get the Black Phillip Pop. If you want to spend a reasonable amount of money then buy it now. Either way the Black Phillip Pop will be a wicked cool addition to your collection.

The yellow eyes of Black Philip by Funko Pop

I will guide thy hand.

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s Ashy Slashy Gets The Puppet Treatment https://www.amindonfire.com/ashy-slashy-gets-ash-vs-evil-dead-puppet-treatment/ Sat, 28 Jul 2018 13:35:03 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9173 NECA gives Ashy Slashy from Ash Vs. Evil Dead the real world treatment.

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Ash Vs Evil Dead has come and gone. Yes, three wonderful and amazing seasons have come and gone. Evil Dead fans shouldn’t be mad or disappointed Bruce Campbell will never play Ashley J. Williams again. Between Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2: Dead Before Dawn, Army of Darkness, and a heck of a lot of video games Campbell has been Ash more than thirty years.

Ash Vs Evil Dead was special to a lot of, if not all, Evil Dead fans. For starters, we didn’t think we would ever see Campbell reprise the character again. Ash had been absent for quite a long time (No, I’m not counting comic books. As fun as comic books may be Bruce Campbell wasn’t Ash in the comics) before Starz greenlit the series. A series of any kind was excellent news for fans.

Baal plays Ashy Slashy in Ash Vs. Evil Dead

“You can suck my saggy bills, Baal.” -Ash

Ash Vs Evil Dead was a return to the fun of the original trilogy. Thankfully, the series bypassed the 2o13 Evil Dead remake. The Evil Dead was never meant to be a blood orgy or torture porn horror. To be sure, there was a lot of blood splashed around three seasons. A lot. Blood fountains and people covered in blood were almost a requirement in Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Did we mention severed body parts? Yes, we had our share of body parts too. None of the blood and body parts were meant to make people sick or disgusted like the remake. The blood and gore harkens back to the Evil Dead when the budget was low and Raimi and company had to be creative to get the gore on screen.

(Some little spoilers ahead) Season two episodes seven (“Delusion”) and eight (“Ashy Slashy”) finds our hero in an insane asylum designed by the demon Baal to break Ash. The plan was simple. Baal breaks Ash. Ash destroys the Necronomicon and unleashes Baal’s Hell on earth. It’s a simple plan except Baal didn’t take into consideration Ash’s tenacity and the fact his amigos never leave a friend in need.

Puppet therapy in Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Ash under goes through puppet therapy

Introduced in episode seven is the puppet Ashy Slashy. The use of puppets in the treatment of of psychological disorders isn’t a new technique. The theory is the patient can tell the puppet things he or she may not be able to tell others and come to grips with their anxiety or other issues. Baal used the puppet technique to convince Ash the nightmare he had been living for more than thirty years was just a nightmare. If he could convince Ash to come to terms with his past then he could convince him to destroy the Necronomicon.

Now you too can own your very own Ashy Slashy puppet courtesy of NECA. NECA has been producing some awesome action figures and statues based on fandom’s favorite properties. Ashy Slashy is NECA’s first foray into the plush puppet market.  I’ve never had a puppet of any kind so comparing the Ashy Slashy puppet to other puppets isn’t possible, but to borrow a phrase they hit it out of the ballpark.

NECA's puppet Ashy Slashy from Ash Vs. Evil Dead

“I hate puppets. Even stunningly handsome ones.” -Ash

The details on the puppet is pretty spot on. The first thing that hits you as you open the box is Ashy’s large head. On screen his head doesn’t look like it would be out of proportion to the body. Ashy Slashy the puppet has a rather large head compared to the rest of his body. The reason for the larger head is it can accommodate hands of all sizes.

The large head also means we get a little more of the finer details of the Ashy Slashy puppet. When you pull the puppet out the box the button eyes stare right at you. You can’t miss the hair with the gray hairs. The shirt is a complete replica of the one Ash’s wears in the series. The finer details include stitching on the pockets and along the back of the shit. Ashy’s shirt includes real buttons.

NECA's Ashy Slashy Puppet from Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Finer details of the Ashy Slashy puppet

The box states the arms are poseable “with inner articulation.” I can’t say exactly what that means, but what I can say is be careful when posing the arms. The left arm moves up and down and back and forth without any problem. The right arm, the chainsaw arm, only moves up and down. It feels like if the arm were bent in any other direction it would break. Don’ break Ashy.

You don’t have to be a puppet master to enjoy the Ashy Slashy puppet. A cardboard tube insets into and makes it possible to display with your other Army of Darkness/Evil Dead/Ash Vs. Evil Dead stuff.  It may clash with some of the more bloody hardcore horror things you may collect, but it’s one a heck of conversation starter.

Ashy Slashy from Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Your hand will fit nicely up the puppet hole

Ashy Slashy is available now at most of your better online stores. You may want to check eBay if you can’t find it on those other retail sites, but be prepared to pay two to three times as much (not including shipping).

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The Apocalypse Doesn’t End Very Well In How It Ends https://www.amindonfire.com/apocalypse-doesnt-end-very-well-in-how-it-ends/ Sun, 22 Jul 2018 22:50:10 +0000 https://www.amindonfire.com/?p=9142 How It Ends-The apocalypse according to Netflix.

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(SPOILERS AHEAD. You’ve been warned) If you’ve been paying attention to Netflix you’ve notice the streaming service has released a lot of originals over the past year and a half. Quite a number of these original series and movies have been either dystopian (Altered Carbon) or apocalyptic (Cargo, The Rain) in nature. Netflix’s newest outing into the apocalypse How It Ends is another trip into the apocalypse.

With a few exceptions, The Walking Dead comes to mind, entries in this genre want to explain what happened, how it happened, and what lead to the end. How It Ends is slightly different from other movies in the genre. There’s a broken transmission over a radio asking if World War III had broken out and near the end  of the movie Jeremiah (Mark O’Brien) puts forth the theory everything happening is a conspiracy put in motion by the government, but for the most part director David Rosenthal (A Single Shot) and screenwriter Brooks McLaren are content with letting the movie play out leaving the audience to wonder what exactly is going on in the world.

Things fall apart rather quickly after the opening credits end. There’s enough time to introduce characters Will Younger (Theo James, Divergent), his pregnant girlfriend Samantha Sutherland (Kat Graham, The Vampire Diaries)  and her overbearing retired military father Tom (Forest Whitaker, Black Panther). After that Tom and and Will set out on a cross country road trip to save Samantha who’s trapped in Seattle. The “road trip” is what makes the movie work.

Nicole Ari Parker is missing from the Apocalypse in How It Ends

(Not an HIE photo) Nicole Ari Parker’s Paula is nothing more than a blip of a character.

Like all the better road trip movies the two main characters learn a lot about each other over the course of their trip. Unlike your traditional road trip movie the characters don’t bond over old times or drinks, they bond over staying alive in an America that is being shattered by freak storms, erupting volcanoes, and violent highwaymen trying to take everything they have including their lives.

How It Ends constantly reminds us how bad people have gotten since the end started. We’re bombarded with scene after scene of the wicked depths people have stooped to at the end of the world. Sometimes character development takes a back seat in these types of movies. However, these scenes serve to show how Will changes from the first time we meet to the end of the movie.

Road trip movies are often more about the supporting characters and the affect they have on the main characters. Would Harry and Tonto have been as much fun without all the characters the two meet while on the road? As much as the Man and the Boy in The Road try to avoid people the people they meet ultimately affect the Boy’s outlook on the world he lives in.

Grace Dove as Ricki in How in Ends

Although it feels like the character of Ricki (Grace Dove, The Revenant) was forced into the story (Who leaves home with two strangers while the world is ending? ) she serves much the same purpose as other characters in road trip movies. Ricki comes into Will and Tom’s life and changes Will’s attitude towards the situation they have all found themselves in. Ricki’s view of the world is in direct conflict of the military minded Tom.

How It Ends is about fifteen minutes longer than it needed to be. Did we need more evidence of how Will changed from the beginning of the movie to the end? Did we need more examples of how people turn rotten when the end is near? It was made painfully clear during their first stop to get gas humanity was taking a turn for the worse. The introduction of Jeremiah, the jealous neighbor who helped save Samantha, seemed forced into the end. Like the fact that we knew Samantha was alive we knew Jeremiah was going to try and kill Will.

Forest Whitaker and Theo James in How It Ends

Tom and Will take a well deserved rest

Overall, How it Ends is an entertaining movie. The movie didn’t stumble and kept a brisk pace. It’s enough to keep the viewer entertained. At the very least the last scene is truly a brilliant piece of CGI.

A volcano erupts in How It Ends

Will and Samantha race to escape an exploding mountain.

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